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Marco Pierre White Grill, Dubai

Good day to all of you. We hope you had a great weekend so far.

We did, and therefore thought of sharing our latest review with you. This time we went out for dinner to the recently opened Marco Pierre White Grill, located on the first floor of the Conrad Hotel in Dubai.

Being part of the hotel, the restaurant looked stylish and elegant from the outside. The hostess who took our reservation a couple of days ago welcomed us with a warm smile and walked us over to our table.

Show kitchen, MPWG

As said, the restaurant looked more elegant from the outside than it actually did inside. From outside one can only see the huge reception desk and stylish the bar. From inside however, the impression about an elegant restaurant vanished,  and one felt like sitting in an all-day dining restaurant.

The tables of two or four are ranged so closely one next to the other that it made us feel like sharing food and beverages with people on the table next to us, while holding hands with strangers.

Marco Pierre White Grill, Dubai

For a fine dining restaurant, we also missed the basics such as table cloths or candles. None of that was part of the dinner table set up. We asked the hostess if it was possible to shift us to one of the booths on the other side of the restaurant to have more privacy and enjoy our dinner without having to listen to the other couple’s conversation.

She immediately checked if the booth had been reserved by someone else and came back to help us re-locating. We were glad that on that night, only 6 other tables were occupied besides ours and happily shifted from one to the other table and side of the restaurant.

The booth was set up directly in front of the open show-kitchen and we had great fun watching the chefs preparing the food all night long.

We were served freshly baked bread and water and a friendly water took up our order. We ordered shrimps cocktail with avocado and duck pate for our starters, followed by a 300 gram Australian beef steak and mushroom risotto.

Once the order was placed, the Sommelier of the restaurant, a British gentleman approached us to offer wines that would match our order. He talked for about 5 minutes – it was more a monologue than a dialog, and told us everything about himself, his career and the challenges he faced putting together a valuable wine list for the restaurant during the last months.

Shrimps Cocktail

On one hand we must admit, it gave the restaurant a nice touch to have a Sommelier employed who would engage with guests and have a little bit of chit chat with them to enhance the overall dinner experience and add value to the service received. On the other hand however, it felt like a plain up-selling technique more than a friendly personalized wine service gesture.

Nevertheless, we agreed to his wine recommendation and placed our order with him.

Minutes later, it took nine minutes to be specific, we received our starters. The shrimp cocktail presentation was different than what one would expect. It was not served in a glass where shrimps are usually drowned in cocktail sauce. The shrimps were nicely placed on a straight plate with layers of fresh avocado in between. The pate was served on a black flagstone and tasted just as nice as the presentation looked itself.

Duck pate

The service was quick and it did not take long for the talented chefs to send our main courses out, after the service personnel cleared our starters. As soon as we started digging into our mains, the British Sommelier came back to our table to check if we enjoyed our food so far and if we wanted to try another one of his wines. We sent our compliments to the kitchen but denied the offer of trying another grape variety and informed him that we would stick to water until the end of the night.

He wished us a nice meal and left with a smile. The food portions of the main courses were not significantly different to the starters to be honest. The steak was accurate and grilled to perfection, the risotto however was not more than 3 table spoons of rise mixed up with a little bit of mushrooms and a tiny bit of truffles. A shame, as it tasted fantastic.

Usually, and for those who follow our reviews for quite a while now, you would not find us talking about desserts that often. However, as the food portions were small that night and we were curious about the chefs’ hidden talents, we ordered a warm chocolate souffle and a lavender creme brulee. What a wise choice.

Chocolate souflee

The chocolate souflee was served with  vanilla ice creme and the creme brulee had a thick caramel crust and a very strong lavender flavor. We never tried lavender creme brluee before and must admit this is definitively a dish, we would come back for another night and spread the experience around town. Fantastique!

All in all the experience we had a Marco Pierre White Grill was just above average. The food’s taste was great, the portions too small and the service quick and friendly but a bit ‘too much’, if you know what we mean. Our expectations were high when we decided to dine at the new restaurant, and just barely met in the end. Therefore we have to say, if we come back another time it will be because of the creme brulee only.

Lavender creme brulee

Have a great day and week ahead all of you.

Keep exploring Dubai’s fine dining locations and stay in touch,


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