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Mambo Pizza – Jumeirah Lake Towers

A big hello, to all of you!

We hope you had a successful week and a great start into the weekend.

We would like to share our latest experience in Jumeirah Lake Towers with you, Mambo Pizza. Mambo Pizza is one of the hundred small – medium restaurants located around the lakes, and one of those where we still wonder how they survive.

Sometimes when we go for a walk I wonder how many new restaurants more will open their doors in this area, and how many will shut them again. You are so overwhelmed with choices, that even if you eat out for a year you would not be able to cover them all.

Mambo Pizza is one of those places which is always empty, during the day and at night. One of those places which most probably survive because of their delivery services only. Located in Cluster V, directly in front of the lake, the small pizza diner seems to be one of many at the first glance but one only knows how good their service is and how great their pizza tastes when you take a seat and relax. Last week we invited a couple, which lives on the other side of the lakes to explore Mambo Pizza together with us.

It was around 7 pm when we arrived at Mambo Pizza, and as sad as it sounds, the restaurant was empty. As the weather was still beautiful last week and cool enough to spend the night outside we decided to take one of the four tables next to the lake promenade.


It took a couple of minutes until someone recognized that we were there, but once the young Indian man noticed that he had guests he ran over to us and passed around the Mambo Pizza menus. The menu was printed on flyer paper, the same kind of paper they would leave behind when delivering food to your house, but we did not mind at all, as said, if that is what they make their money from mostly, then it would not make a lot of sense investing money in printing higher quality menu cards.

Despite the fact that the menu paper was of low quality, the actual menu content was amazing. Besides lasagna, pasta and kids menu options we found around 30 different kinds of pizza, additional topping options as well as different dough choices to be available.

It did not take us very long to make up our mind and we started ordering different kind of pizzas (including a Shawarma Pizza, which was surprisingly delicious) with thin and thick crust, normal dough and whole wheat dough. The only difficulty we faced was that we could not imagine how big a small pizza was and how big the regular pizza would be.


When we asked, the young gentleman ran back to the restaurant and returned with two cardboard shapes of different sizes and educated us on what was what.


We placed our order and waited for a while. It took less than 15 minutes for the food to arrive, and it was definitely worth waiting. As said the pizza was delicious.


The service was casual, however up to standard, if we may say so – just as good as you expect from a stand alone restaurant that specializes on deliveries. Friendly and up to speed. Unfortunately we do not know then gentleman’s name, as he did not wear a name badge, but as there was only one person present at the time – he was the one with the big smile.

We were impressed that a restaurant which honestly does not look too inviting from the outside made us feel so comfortable and satisfied our graving for pizza, and decided to come back soon again in near future or at least order in. In fact we just did..

Have a great weekend & keep exploring,


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