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MAKE Business Hub – the name says it all

Make Business Hub, the location for young and stylish entrepreneurs, socialists and everyone else who likes to combine networking with good food and a unique atmosphere.
MAKE is besides a couple of other cafes which feature a similar concept, the best one out of all of them.
The location is great, being just around the corner of JBR,as the name it says, it is a hub. A hub for those who either do not have an office yet but need to work, those who need to study but avoid library , those who look for healthy food and a cool place to spend time.

MAKE is pure style. The set up of the cafe features communal tables to eat and tables built in the walls, where creative, young ‘start upers’ juggle around with new business ideas and work on their future success stories.
SEB, myself, more than once went there to let the energy and thoughts flow into my laptop when working on SERVICEXCELLENCEBLOG and enjoying a cup of coffee aside.

It is less the food and beverage offer, than the thoughts behind networking and finding yourself amongst people with the same interest, which attracts so many guests.
Besides working there, MAKE Business Hub, offers a lot of funky and interesting events such as their Start Up Talks.
Young entrepreneurs are given 5 minutes of fame, where they present their business ideas to a huge crowed of MAKE lovers, as well as an expert panel. At the end, the panel offers advise and guests can ask questions. It is fascinating how many people join this start up talks every time.
Sometimes you will meet the same people, sometimes you face a complete new crowed there. This is what makes MAKE so unique and special.

We are a big fan, will come back from time to time with the laptop and already look forward to the next event, featured by MAKE.
Keep up the spirit.

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