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Little mOre Café

Good day to all of you! We hope you are doing extremely well. We had a hectic couple of weeks recently as we were busy with wedding preparations. The time is ticking and our trip to the Seychelles is coming closer and closer.

For now we roam around from mall to mall on the search for the perfect shoes, the perfect tie, the perfect everything. But even future brides and grooms need to rest and eat now and then, and so it happened that one of our shopping tours we ended up at the Litte mOre Café, located in the Marina Mall.

The café is the latest addition from the principals of the multi-award winning MORE brand and sits at the heart of the mall, in the ground floor. It is spacious and bright. The overall space is utilized well and offers a lot of seats for a lot of potential guests.

We seated ourselves, as no one noticed us entering the restaurant and found a nice place where we could observe the happening around us. It did not take long however, for one of the waiters to approach us and offer us a menu. He greeted us and shared a short smile with us.

We had a couple of minutes to look through the menu and decided to order to juices (one with lemon and ginger and one with grapefruit), a Tikka Chicken sandwich and Red Chicken Curry with Jasmin rice on the side.

The waiter thanked us for the order when we placed it; he was however not able to inform us about all ingredients used for the drinks and the meals we ordered, which was a little disappointing. Nevertheless, we took it with a pinch of salt and kept up our curiosity and expectations.

It took about 8 minutes for the drinks to be served and another 15 minutes for the food to arrive. Both orders were just delicious. The drinks were refreshing and unique, the food, especially the curry was outstanding. On a note of that, we would like to thank the Chefs for the great experience, as we did not get the chance to share our compliments with the service staff – no one asked if we enjoyed our meal…

The overall experience was good, there are however some points in regards to the service which ask for improvement and corrective measures in the future.

We hope to be working together with the mOre Group of cafés in the future and share our experience and expertise with them soon.

Wishing the team best of luck and looking forward to another experience at one of their places soon.


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