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Leopold’s of London

Good morning to all of you. We hope you had a nice summer so far. We traveled for a while a noticed we had a lot of posts to follow up wit you all.

Let us share some of our lasted experiences with you.

I guess all you have been to The Beach, at Marina Jumeirh Beach Road already. We went there for breakfast before our summer break and finally made it to Leopold’ s of Lodon.

Leopold's of London

Leopod’s of London is a  Café during the day, a Brasserie at night, and it is always busy. We came there on a Saturday around 11 in the morning and hoped to find the brasserie to be empty and nice table for us to have breakfast – lunch. We were lucky. The waitress welcomed us outside on the terrace and immediately offered us a table inside. It was hot and we were thankful to be able to take a seat in an air-conditioned area.


Even though there were a couple of empty tables, the place was buzzing. Waiters were running around, guests were trying to get their attention and we ere waiting for one of the waitress’s colleagues to notice us and hand over a menu. We waited for quiet some time before anyone noticed us.

Delicious home - made ice cream

Once we had the menu, we were a bit shocked about it’s state. It was full of stains, one page was ripped and it felt oily. Not the best start into the breakfast – lunch experience, but we had not choice. We were hungry and out for another review.

When browsing through the menu however, we found a huge variety of comfort food items as well as unique salads, sandwiches and a great choice of freshly squeezed juices.

We decided to order a salmon bagel, beetroot quinoa salad and a black angus burger. We also ordered one of their ‘specially brewed’ coffees and a ‘detoxifier’, a drink made out of fennel, celery, cucumber, mint and ginger.

Salmon Bagel

Placing the order was just as a challenge as getting the menu in the first place. The waiter did not seem to understand half of what we ordered (could have been a lack of English or a lack of menu knowledge) and therefore had troubles repeating our order correctly. We placed the entire order from scratch and crossed our fingers, hoping the food would arrive the way we expected it.

All challenges aside. Once the food arrived, we took a couple of pictures for you, as usual and digged in right away. We were hungry and from the time we had been seated it took nearly 30 minutes for the food to arrive. What about the coffee and the fresh juice you wonder now? The coffee and juice only came around 10 minutes after the food was served. It should have really been served the other way round we thought, but then again, we were hungry and happy to have a bite to eat.

Breakfast - lunch

Surprisingly, the food was delicious. Especially the quinoa salad. It was divine and made up for most of the service pit falls we encountered. The salmon in the bagel was fresh and the burger tasted just as great as one would expect an angus burger to taste.

The ‘detoxifier’ however is a drink one has to get used to first. We could not taste any of the mint that was supposed to be in there, the celery however was very dominate – a ‘very healthy’ drink.

All in all, our experience at Leopold’s of London was average. We rated the food 9/10 but the service did not impress us at all to be honest. The staff was to busy to pay attention to guests and hardly ever smiled, the state of the menu was everything else than appealing and the overall service was just too slow.


We might not be back for another breakfast-lunch that soon, but will definitely make use of their take – away service and enjoy some more of their salads at home.

Have a great day everyone,


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