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Left Bank – Souk Al Bahar Dubai

Left Bank, what can we say about this place?
It is located in the hear of Souk Al Bahar, in between many more bars and really nice restaurants.
Last time we were there, we had a little hens’ night out. So about nine of us met after work and were looking forward to a chat about work, husbands, kids (for those of who already have kids) and just have a good laugh and company.
A girls night out.
Not all of us arrived at the same time, it was a Thursday evening and we requested for the high table on the back side of the bar a couple of days before. Not needed as we figured out shortly after that, as the bar was empty.
Up on entering, we were stopped by the bouncer. A tall, strong looking gentlemen, who asked if we had a reservation or we just wanted to come for a drink. We told him that we were expected, and pointed to some of the girls who were waving at us already.
Being a little surprised about him stopping us, we waited patiently for a nice word or a smile, and him to let us enter. He turned around, looked back at us and said “Of course ladies, have a nice evening, enjoy.”, with a smile on his face, stepped a side and let us enter.
Having a bit of a bizarre entrance, as the French would say, we were now even more looking forward to our friends, who already awaited us with a glass Prossecco.
Besides the liquids we also ordered a couple of nibbles, sharing style and had a wonderful evening.
Service all in all was attentive and besides the tough man at the door, but then I guess this is his job, everyone served and worked with a smile.
Much appreciated for an establishment such as a bar, as people come there to enjoy themselves and therefore its even more important that employees reflect joy and fun at work as well.

The Bad: we did not stay long, as the whole atmosphere of sitting in an empty bar, got a bit boring after a while. As all of us were in such a great mood, we decided that it was enough of Left Bank for one night, and moved on to the next place.

The Good: Well, in general the bar is a nice place, and the location is convenient. Service staff is very efficient and friendly, and this is what SEB, is focusing on in the end.

Go try it out yourself!


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