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Feb 06 2017

La Luz, DIFC

Good morning to all of you. We hope you are well, and that you had a wonderful start to the week. We recently had a great experience in DIFC, Dubai and want to take this review as an opportunity to share it with you.


Have you been to La Luz yet? If not, then it is about time to give it a try. La Luz, in DIFC is located close to Roberto’s and the Four Seasons DIFC- for those of you who are not too familiar with this area. The place features a small (and very stylish) bar as well as a boutique dining area. A beautiful hostess welcomes you outside the door and guides you through to the actual hostess desk, where an armada of 5 more hostesses await you and either guide you through to the bar or check your table reservation.


We started the night with a round of cocktails and ordered a house-special based on Rum and a Gimlet. These two cocktails are standard drinks, which makes it easy to compare their quality to other bars. Nikolai from Ukraine, and Stefano from Italy, behind the bar, created wonderful drinks for us, raised the bar of standard cocktails and even shared a few mixology insights with us too. Their way of holding small talks and keeping us engaged throughout the evening was great – thank you both.


After our pre-drinks, one of the hostesses accompanied us to our table. We sat at the back of the dining area, having a great view on to the restaurant and the huge show kitchen. A waiter came, offered us some water to start with, handed over the menus to us. He then suggested us a couple of oysters as an entrée, which we obviously could not have said not to.


We additionally ordered octopus in chorizo-based cream and a tuna tartare with avocado as starters and the catch of the day with muscles in garlic- parsley sauce and the LaLuz burger as mains. The service was humble and swift. Waiters were constantly on the floor looking after the guests, however, did never interrupt a conversation or invaded anyone’s privacy.

We received our drinks and an amuse bouche (a single-bite greeting from the chef) from the kitchen, prior to our oysters and the starters. The amuse bouche was two water-based olive drops served on a wooden spoon. Once you bit into it, it felt like an explosion of fresh olives and gave you the feeling of being on holiday somewhere close to the Mediterranean sea. It was great. The oysters were served with seaweed and sea salt. They tasted great too.


LaLuz only opened a few months back and made its name based on the high quality of service and its food. The food in that place is served sharing style, which means that the kitchen would send whatever is ready and guests share their food amongst each other.

The octopus was crisp and tender (not too sure about the huge amount of chorizo powder in the sauce) and the tartare was great. As soon we finished the starters the waiter served the mains – the burger first, then the fish. Wow! This burger, by far, was one of the best beef burgers we every tried. It was tender, juicy and grilled to perfection. We recommend this burger for anyone who gets the chance to visit La Luz and feels like mushrooms and truffles.


The fish was great too. The amount of garlic, however, was a little too much, considering that not everyone would eat the dish and you would still want to have a decent conversation with other’s on the table, without the after-taste of this strong condiment. What was great about this dish, however, were the muscles – and there were a lot of them.

We had a little break after our delicious starters and mains and decided to try one of their desserts too. We ordered a Torrija (a Spanish-style French toast) with yeast ice creme and a coffee. The dessert was the top of the iceberg; it was the so-called cherry on the top!


We had a wonderful experience and La Luz and hope that the place will be there for many more years. It is a special, boutique and luxurious, fine-dining venue, which we hope will establish its name just as much as its neighboring DIFC ”in-places” did before.

Best of luck to all of you, SE


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