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Kempinski Hotel and Resorts, Seychelles

Good day to all of you. We hope you are doing super well. It is time to reveal a little bit of privacy.

We would like to share our experience with the beautiful Kempinski Hotel and Resort on they Seychelles with you. We recently got married and had the pleasure of spending a memorable time there, with our family and loved ones.

Our experience already started prior to our arrival. As we planned the most important day of our lives there, it was extremely important to arrange everything before hand. The guest relations team was very helpful and accommodating over emails, as they managed to arrange five rooms for all of us, and included breakfast as well. We felt looked after even before we checked – in.

Needless to say, the marketing team also started following us on our social media channels and established contact with us online too. What a nice start into a beautiful trip.

On the day of our arrival, two cars picked us up from the airport. One car was for us, the second car for our luggage. We were welcomed with cold towels and fresh water melon juices; the check – in was smooth and the first impression of the resort breath taking.

We were accommodated to our rooms and met again for a coffee on the beach a little bit later. The rooms were spacious, light and comfortable. The finishing was beautiful and delicate. Just a great place to spend a great wedding and honey moon at. The temperature was at around 20-25 degrees and the sun and the rain kept playing hide and seek, which was nice for a change, comparing it to the hot weather in Dubai.

We did everything what travellers and families could possibly do on their vacation. We walked around the resort looking for the Island’s famous land turtles, swam in the ocean and left our cares behind us.

To be honest we were super excited about the big day coming closer and closer, and asked Sahra, the lovely German front office team member for assistance with our wedding preparations, such as dinners we planned, cars that needed to be organized and tips about the Island itself. She was not only helpful, she was also very professional, just like everyone else we met in the resort.

Two days before our wedding we called the housekeeping to pick up our gowns and steam them again. According to an Austrian tradition, the bride and groom must not see each other before the big day, and the wedding dress is supposed to be kept a secret until the last minute. We were assured that the dress would come back to the room we sent if off from. The night before the wedding however, we found the dress placed in the wrong room, it had been rapped and therefore wrinkled again, as well as it had a stain on the back.

You can imagine how I felt, and that we called up the housekeeping team and asked them to take the dress back the next morning and rectify the shortfall.

Hey, there is no wedding without a drama I suppose. The next morning, the housekeeping staff and the front office manager, Christopher, came to our room to apologize, calm our nerves down and picked up the dress again. Everything went well in the end and we had a stunning wedding.

Breakfast, lunch and dinners were just amazing. We spent the mornings in the all day dining restaurant and most of the evenings in the L’Indochine their signature restaurant. The food was extraordinary. Local cuisine prepared to perfection.

The beach restaurant, Windsong Bar, was also great. The entire atmosphere, the light sea breeze and the delicious food made it very easy for us to relax and also gain a kilo or two.

The best dish on their menu, and yes, we tried all of them, was by far the steak served on a hot stone. Rib eyes, sirloin or fillets, served with fresh salads and potato wedges.

The service was fast, attentive and top node. They obviously new about our backgrounds and that we were not easy to please, especially not on this important trip – and they did everything possible to look after us.

We had an amazing experience and we can only recommend the resort to anyone. From the food to the spa, to the rooms and the professionalism of the staff – Kepminski rocks.

Until the next time,


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