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May 05 2016

Karachi Kid Pizza

Hello to all of you! Another month, another pizza, another review for all of us. Whoever follows our blog, must know by now how much we love pizza. Having said that, we have tried many (we aim to keep on tasting more in the future). We experienced and tasted all sorts of doughs, toppings and flavours and, even though I am not a chef myself, developed a (personal preference) taste for what distinguishes a good pizza from a great pizza.


A good pizza consists out of dough, a tomato base, fresh toppings and a unique combination of flavours.
A great pizza, however, consists out of a crispy, yet soft dough (most of the times with a little extra flour on top, to keep the oil off the fingers), a spiced tomato base, a unique and perfect mix of toppings and fresh herbs on the top.
A great pizza is one, where you take the first bite and think: ”Wow, that’s new, that’s awesome, I want more!”
In the last few months, we discovered Freedom Pizza for us. Their delivery is always a minute or two early, their delivery guys are super friendly and their choice of pizza is unique. Once we got to know about their latest creation, we simply had to order it: Karachi Kid.
First of all the name was catchy, and secondly, the description of flavours made us curious. Mozzarella, feta, keema, cilantro, onions, parsley and chilli! What a combo. We ordered one to share and the lady on the phone said, it would be delivered by 7pm. We thanked her and waited patiently. The door rang at 18:57! WOW. The smell was great, the taste even better. In fact, it was so nice that we wished to have ordered 2 of them.
We can only recommend you to give it a try, yourself. If it would not have been that great we would have not, taken the time to write about it!
Enjoy your long weekend, SE
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