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K-Pop Chicken – Korean food delivered at your door step

Hello to everyone out there!
We are back from vacation and went for a little girls’ night reunion, chit chat, drinks and food – of course.
As the fridges were empty we decided to go for something new and order in.
We decided for the exotic, healthy option out of all menus in the drawer – Korean style.
The menu we found was a six pages long list of traditional choices. The names in the menu did not give us any hint what to order. The pictures next to them did. We ordered beef salad, chicken salad, steamed rice and fried chicken pops as well as additional Kimchi.
The lady on the phone was polite yet she forgot to ask for our name (only got the details as we asked if she needed the same) and she obviously knew how to upsell. Initially we never intended to order fried chicken, however as she said the salad and rice would not be enough for the three of us, we ordered it all. The order was delivered in 30 minutes, which was within the promised time. The delivery man polite and humble. Well done!
However when we saw what we actually delivered we were shocked. It would have been enough for four of us, easily.
As mentioned, the lady on the phone definitely knew how to increase her sales, by telling us their portions were neither small nor big – they were medium size.
Nevertheless, the food was great, tasted delicious and fresh.
For someone who likes salads, cooked beef, pickled vegetables and all sorts of rice dishes this Korean restaurant is great value for money.
The food was great, the delivery time adequately short and the lady on the phone – I am sure she just wanted us to be stuffed and happy!

We can only recommend K-Pop Chicken.
Two thumbs up,


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