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Just Falafel – Healthy Junk Food

Just Falafel has now opened a branch in Abu Dhabi and expends rapidly by franchising – sounds like a healthy option – success story…

Just a small bite of history

Falafels are scrumptious, round, golden-brown croquettes, crispy and crunchy on the outside, warm and moist on the inside made of chickpeas or fava beans, fresh veggies, and Middle Eastern seasonings.

Falafels have been around for more than a 1000 years, and will probably stay on for another 1000, due to their delicious taste and high nutritional value. Derived from the word ‘Filfil’ meaning ‘Pepper’ in Arabic, they started off as a nutritious, vegetarian, Middle Eastern delicacy during the month of fasting. But over time, these have found immense popularity as a side dish, main course or as a quick, casual snack in the Middle East.

Today, Just Falafel has served it to the world….

Franchised branches are spread all over the globe today and in near future Just Falafel plans to expand even more.

But from a customer perspective, why would you order a Just Falafel Sandwich?

Their specialty is to offer felafel sandwiches for all kinds of taste, Lebanese, Japanese, Mexican, Emirati, Italian and even more.

All their products are based on fresh ingredients, healthy sauces and dipping and chick pees.

A healthy JUNK FOOD option…

But besides the taste – what about customer service?


Scenario 1:

Driving to the next Just Falafel Branch in Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai and ordering in a shop.

Its took me about 20 minutes to reach the branch, another 3 minutes from the time I have ordered the sandwiches and received them

ready and wrapped from take away and then another 25 minutes to get back home, where the sandwiches were cold.

The service was very quick and humble, the employee working at the JLT branch was friendly, smiling and even used his up-selling techniques offering a Lemon Mint Juice.

Re – heating the sandwiches was not a big deal as well, the best option is to pre – heat the oven for a couple of minutes and then put in the sandwiches – still wrapped – for some time.

Scenario 2:

We ordered Just Falafel.

It was a Thursday night and quite mean to test Just Falafel´s Delivery on such a busy time. of the day.

Ordering the food was quite convenient, the order taker was knowledgeable and friendly, the order was repeated correctly and again – up-selling of additional drinks or side dishes – but in a humble way.

Sitting at home, waiting for the order, even on such a busy night, the delivery person knocked on our door as promised 40 minutes after placing the order.

The sandwiches were still warm, but we still placed them in the heated oven for a couple of minutes to enjoy them to the max later on….

So, Just Falafel has passed both our customer service – convenience tests.

Personally, ordering Just Falafel is the more convenient way and safes you a lot of hassle. However, either option showed that Just Falafel is THE MOST CONVENIENT AND HEALTHY OPTION WHEN CRAVING FOR JUNK FOOD!

The good when ordering food is that after dinner your house still smells nice like falafel – other than when you eat in a branch all your clothes smell like Just Falafel 😉

Ordering individual sandwiches or meal deals, Just Falafel is Service Excellence Blog´s Favorite!!!!

Check it out and read more about Just Falafel on

Enjoy my dear Chick Pees & stay falafel



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