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Jones the Grocer – very late breakfast

Happy friday to all of you!

After a sleeping in very long today we were on the quest to find the best – best breakfast venue in Dubai. Preferably with some greenery anywhere far away from the buzzing city. We chose The Farm in Al Barari.
Reaching there at around 1pm, the beautiful restaurant was fully occupied. We were told that if we wanted breakfast or lunch, we had to wait for 45 minutes. Still a bit sleepy but honestly starving, we decided to try our luck somewhere else. Back in the middle of Dubai we hunted for Pantry Cafe, opposite Safa Park.
Having read about it in TimeOut Issue 420 of April last week and heard about the place from many others already we thought it would be a nice idea to give it a try. Obviously we were not the only ones who heard about Pantry Cafe and besides many others, even His Highness himself had lunch there today. This is why again we were told that we could take a seat but anything we order takes a minimum of 45 minutes. Fair enough my head told me, no way my stomach answered. So we headed for our closest and last choice of the day – Jones the Grocer. Not the last choice because it is bad, no way, we just wanted to try out a new place. At around 2:45 pm (already) we arrived and again told we had to wait for 15-20 minutes. The place was packed this afternoon and we were defeated. We waited. Surprisingly it did not take longer than 10 minutes and the friendly, European gentlemen (no name tag, this is why he will remain anonymous in this review) invited us back inside to go to our table. What a relief. Finally food in a great restaurant. We ordered within minutes, the young Pilipino lady repeated our order and left with a smile (also here no name tag). Many hungry people were outside and inside the diner who waited to be seated. Observing them and the busy lunch crew of Jones the Grocer for a while we forgot about time and just enjoyed all the buzz going on – yes at the end of the day, Dubai without buzz is boring! It did not take longer than 3 minutes until the fresh, large carrot juice and the sparkling Antipodes water were served and exactly 16 minutes until our food arrived. Fantastic, thinking about how full the place was. We enjoyed it very much. The beef pie was delicious and the beloved classic chicken burger with guacamole, was not only tender but heaven on earth, at least in this precise moment. The young lady came back to our table, asked if we enjoyed our lunch and if she could be of any further assistance. Being stuffed with great food and more than happy we decided to ask for the bill, not even her nice smile could change our mind to sit in and have a coffee with cake. We decided to add a take away: Passion fruit cheese cake and plain cheese cake for home. A great choice after all!
Thank you Jones the Grocer Team for the great late breakfast – late lunch.

We will be back,




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