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Jazz at Pizza Express

Thursday night meant ‘Jazz night’ at Pizza Express to some of our friends, and for us that meant good vibes, good food and hopefully good service. Pizza Express in Jumeirah Lakes Towers, is next to the Moevenpick Hotel in Cluster A, licensed and always busy. Those who follow our blog will know that a couple of months ago we were not impressed with the service at all on our first visit. It was more than a month that they opened their doors when we came the first time. The service was slow and a bit inattentive and we thought that was a shame for such a nice bar – restaurant. Now, nearly five months later, we were asked by some friends to join them for a ‘Jazz night’ – out and we gave it another try. We are glad we did. The restaurant’s design inside was still the same, but the decor outside and the new walls built up around the outside seating area changed. It not felt more like one restaurant rather than being split into two separate entities (inside – outside) as it felt before. Also the staff, from the bouncer to the supervisors, must have had an upgrade in their uniforms. All were dressed in nice suits and even the hostess was dressed more elegantly than last time and welcomed us with a smile. What an improvement so far, we thought and staid receptive for more positive impressions. 

A bottle of red wine and good music entertained our friends who were sitting outside already as we arrived. Once we sat down it took quite a while for the waiter to realize that new guests joined the table but once he did, he was spot on. His name was Afal. He took our drinks order after welcoming us at Pizza Express, and asked if we were hungry. While skimming further through the menu we decided to start off with a couple of dough balls to accompany our wine before ordering pizza. 

The beverages were served in less than 5 minutes, the starters in less than 4. WOW. What an improvement. A couple of minutes later Afal came back to check if everything was up to expectations, and if we needed something else. That did not happen last time as well. No one checked to see if we enjoyed the food or service. This time, it seemed to be that has became a standard – one we really liked.

When delivering service, it is essential to ask the guest if he or she is satisfied with the quality of products or service delivered. If a waiter misses out on asking, then he might misses out the chance for a service recovery, if the guest’s expectations were not met for what ever reason. The guest would just leave and most probably never come back. If one asks on the other hand, it shows that one cares about the guest’s satisfaction and well – being and is much appreciated. Service from the heart. If that kind of service does not come out of the customer representative naturally, then it needs to become a service standard that everyone has to follow. In the case of Pizza Express, both applied, some asked just for the sake of asking, Afal meant it from his heart. 

We also ordered an ‘American’ and a ‘Pollo’ to share and some more dough balls later on that evening, before we left the table and started dancing next to the piano on the other side. It was a great evening, and we must say, we were impressed with the service, as now the same fits to the cool design of the restaurant, the artists who give their best on the stage, the good food.

Well done to Jazz at Pizza Express, we will come back!

Keep exploring,


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