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Iza Badak – Very Fast Food, JLT Dubai

Good day to all of you. We hope you had a relaxed weekend so far. On one of our walks around the Lakes we have spotted a new delivery fast food restaurant. The reason why it caught our attention was it’s name: “Very Fast Food”. An unique and promising statement as we found, and a great teaser for someone like us, who obviously has nothing else in mind than to rush home and test how long “very fast” would be.


Once we reached home, we immediately looked up their menu and contact details on The menu offered a variety of Shawarma Sandwiches, with different kinds of bread and toppings. The choice was limited but then again, made sense when you think of their name. The land line had not been activated at that time, and therefore we tried calling their mobile number. The gentleman on the phone, sounded a bit surprised that someone already called for delivery, but ensured us that the restaurant was up and running already and happily took our order. We ordered two Shawarma Specials. He took down our details and ensured us that the food would reach our house within 25 minutes.


Normally we do not stop the time, but this time we noted down the time we placed our order and waited with great expectations. 26 minutes later someone knocked on our door. It was the delivery man from Very Fast Food. 

He was very kind, handed over the food, took our money in return and wished us a nice meal. We thanked him and congratulated him and his team for keeping their promise of delivering ”very fast”. He looked a bit surprised and did not seem to understand what we were trying to say, but he smiled, thanked and left.


The food, oh well, was not as great as their delivery time. It was a bit oily and very heavy. But then again, when you order Shawarma you kind of expect that anyways. We were not able to eat all of it, and planned to keep the rest for later.

The purpose of ordering food this time was not about the actual food anyways. We wanted to see if they keep their promise and have a right to call themselves “Very Fast Food” – and they do.

Well done to the delivery time and good luck for the future,



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