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Ingredients, by Anantara Hotel Resorts & Spa

We were taken away for a surprise – lets leave Dubai for a while – Valentines weekend trip last week and ended up staying at the beautiful Anantara Hotel Resorts and Spa, in Abu Dhabi. As we heard so many positive things about the hotel before, we were excited to check in and start our weekend trip.


Up on arrival we were greeted friendly, welcomed with cold, scented towels and an iced date juice. One of us was asked to show the passport and to fill out the forms before we were escorted to out beautiful room at the second floor, overlooking the mangroves of Abu Dhabi. 


As it was quite late already, and we were hungry we ordered a small snack with room service and went to bed, looking forward to the breakfast next morning.

The breakfast was served at Ingredients, the all day dining restaurant of the hotel. Being located on the ground floor of the hotel, it was easy to find and one could smell the scent of freshly brewed coffee, pastries and eggs already when exiting the elevator. 


The restaurant is huge, and most probably can be filled up with around 250 guests at a time inside as well as outside on the terrace. We were welcomed by a friendly hostess who asked for our room number and if we preferred to sit inside our outside.


Given the opportunity to get a bit closer to mother nature, observing the mangrove’s wild live and being kissed by the sun, we chose to sit outside, left our keys and mobiles there and went back inside to discover the buffet.


While helping ourselves with the freshly squeezed juices and pastries, a Asian looking gentleman approached us to ask if we wanted any kind of eggs for breakfast.


We ordered scrambled eggs with him and continued to storm through the buffet.


When our plates were filled up and we went back to the table, we found our coffees as well as the eggs waiting for us already, and Linh, a gentleman from Vietnam, pulled the chair for us to sit down, while wishing us a good morning and a nice breakfast.


Not only Linh, but all of his colleagues had something special about them.


From the check in – to the check out – everyone, and we mean everyone was super friendly, assertive, paid attention to details, acted pro-active instead of waiting for guests to ask for them and one could actually feel that everyone working in this hotel enjoys the job.

It happened many times that we checked in somewhere or went for dinner and one or two of the service staff was either smiling or generally good with guests, but everyone in the entire hotel, that was something new and impressive.

We also went to the spa and for dinner on this day, but keep our experience and stories to ourselves until being revealed through another review.

Keep exploring,





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