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Hyatt Capital Gate Hotel, Abu Dhabi

Greetings of the day from Servicexcellence! We hope you are doing great! Make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, sit back, relax and enjoy our latest review and experience. Working a delivering workshops in ADNEC we had the pleasure of staying at the Hyatt Capital Gate Hotel, for nearly two weeks in a row.

We arrived early September, stayed for five days, checked out for two to go home to Dubai and came back again for another three – days stay. On our first arrival, we were welcomed and greeted friendly, handed over the keys to our room on the 27th floor of the building and waited for our luggage.

As we knew that full board and laundry were included in our booking, we did not mind about the fact that the receptionist did not tell us about what we could do and could not do – oh wait, he did tell us that the pool was under  maintenance and that we could take a taxi to the Aloft next door in case we felt like having a swim.

Nevertheless, it was late at night and we did not mind about the pool at all. We knew that the comfortable bed, the huge bath tab and the amazing gym would make up for that anyways. The time passed, and for a total of 50 minutes no one delivered our luggage. We were tried and about to sleep, when the door bell rang and our laptop and hand bags arrived.

The next day, we came back to the hotel at around 3 pm. Our room was made up, the laundry back in the cupboard and the time for a relaxing afternoon was about to start. A couple of hours later, we went downstairs to dine at 18 Degrees, the all day dining, a la carte restaurant of the hotel. We had a great Risotto in the restaurant and an Apple Crumble with ice cream, for take away. The food was great.

The next day, when coming back to the hotel room, our room was not made up until around 3pm. We took a bath and called them at around 5pm to take care of the room and the laundry. Two friendly housekeeping staff came, made the room and left within 20 minutes.

At this moment in time, we relaxed at the Spa, enjoying a nice Balinese massage. Hungry and sleepy from the massage, we went back to the room, got changed and went to the restaurant again for dinner, where Chef Abdallah, the Executive Sous Chef joined us for a while. We had Yellow Thin fish, after a couple of Arabic, hot Mezzeh and a diet Coke with ice and lemon.

Another great day came to an end and we were off to bed at around 10pm, when the door bell rang. The housekeeping supervisor stood in front of the door and asked if we wanted to have a turn down service. At 10pm? We asked him to leave and left a note with the guest service about the incident. No reply or note from anyone in the hotel, not even during the check out.

The days passed by, the dinners at the restaurants were great, the laundry was fresh every day and after a total of five days, Servicexcellence was ready to check out. When receiving the bill, we noticed that they charged us for all the laundry on top, apologized however about the double charge when we pointed it out to them in a friendly manner. They thanked us, wished us a great and safe trip back to Dubai and said that they were happy to see us again on Saturday.

Two days later, we checked in again. We were assigned some work at ADNEC again and booked the Hyatt Capital Gate again. To our surprise, our reservation was cancelled – which turned out to be a system failure by the sales team. After a couple of minutes at the reception, and once the room keys were handed over, we went up to the room again – and waited for the luggage again. It took over 45 minutes for the laptop and the hand bag to arrive. We were wondering why, did not receive an answer however. This might be a general challenge for them, depending on the time of the day, and due to a lack of staff?

Another day, and another bath in the big tub, another dinner at the 18 Degrees and another diet Coke before we went to bed. This became a routine, until the second last day, when we noticed that the full board menu was the same as last week, and we did not know what to order next. We decided to visit the hotel next door and hand Maki at the Aloft.

The overall stay(s) at the Hyatt Capital Gate Hotel was great, due to the room, the beautiful décor, the nice chat with Chef Abdallah and the comfortable bed. On the service- and therefore customer oriented side however we would have expected a little bit more. A little more care, a little more pro-activeness and a little bit more 5* service.

Will we be back? Oh yes, we will – as said, the hotel itself is beautiful, and the Balinese massage was amazing too.

Have a nice day and greetings to Abu Dhabi,


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