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Hendricks – The Four Seasons Hotel & Resort, Dubai

Good evening to all of you. We hope you are doing well, and count down the hours to the weekend just as much as we do. To get your juices flowing and your ideas for weekend venues growing, we thought to share last week’s experience with you.

Finally we had the chance to visit the Four Seasons Hotel & Resort on Jumeirah Road, as we must say we were impressed – less by all the staff members, more about the actual size of the resort itself.


Initially planning to go for dinner and drinks, we decided to only have drinks and a couple of bar bites, once we discovered Hendricks Bar, located on the lobby level.

Oh you can imagine what the night was like, don’t you?

“…This sea-view venue is reminiscent of a lushly appointed gentlemen’s club, with club chairs, oak walls with aubergine leather panels and a cigar room. Settle in for an evening of intimate conversation in this warmly inviting venue…” is how they describe the quiet bar – lounge on the website.


The actual venue however, reminded us of an old school, classic and elegant gentlemen’s club, where men meet to enjoy cigars, a Whiskey and a chat about anything else than business.

Hendricks is definitely something special. The bar tenders, some of them in training, some of them handled our requests already in a very professional manner, try aimed their best to create the city’s finest cocktails and long drinks, entertain the ones who took a seat at the bar and make use of the finest ingredients and equipment in town.


Who of you ever enjoyed an Orange – Coffee – Hendricks Gin, or a mix of cucumber and basil? A Whiskey served with a round ice – cube, prepared a la minute at the bar counter? Not only the cocktails and mocktails, however also the food was exquisite – exquisite and very pricy.


What about the staff and the service you might wonder? Servicexcellence usually focuses on those aspects you might say now – we are getting there, in the right moment of time.

Let us recap and start right from the beginning. Up on arrival the hostess of Hendricks had a chat with the hostess of Mercury Lounge and therefore not only missed us entering the bar but also had to run after us, once we were half way through the long hallway. We informed her that we will take a seat at the bar and continued walking. The bartender, a young and talented man from the Philippines, greeted us friendly, welcomed us to the bar and handed over a couple of menus.

It is not a secret anymore that our native language is German, and that when we are out and about sometimes communicate in our mother language. While talking about the bar’s offer and deciding what to try, a European gentleman in uniform approached us to take our order. He smiled at us and said: “Good evening, do you speak German? I heard your conversation and therefore thought to take up your order in German. It must be your first time in Hendricks, right.”


What a surprise, what a bitter sweet surprise. It was nice of him to notice that it was our first time in the bar. Furthermore it was a great initiative to welcome us in German and make us feel even more welcome. Telling us however, that he had overheard our entire conversation was a bit too much.

Back in the days when we worked in Food & Beverage and spent too much time behind or near our guests, our mentors would have told us off for interfering into our guests’ privacy  – and I mean told off. There must be a limit. A limit between doing the best you can to make your guests feel welcome and actually respecting their space.

The overall experience was good. The staff tried their best, the food was acceptable and the cocktails were creative. The actual atmospheres however, the flair the bar offered, the audience – these were the really interesting and unique elements Hendricks offered.

A nice, relaxed evening, a great conversation, over – priced bar snacks and unique long drink creations – yes, we will be back.

Thank you for the experience Hendricks Team – it was an interesting one.

Stay egerGINetic and happy,


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