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Häagen-Dazs Summer Cooler

Days get longer, temperature and humidity are rising, and everyone looks for more and more places to cool them down. In short, Dubai’s summer season started. Out and about in Dubai today, Servicexcellence felt the heat too and we seeking for an air-conditioned place to hang out for a while and enjoy a refreshing drink or even some ice cream. We stopped at Häagen-Dazs, in Jumeirah. Famous for their high quality ice cream, but unknown for their service, as most of us forget about the small restaurants and cafes in Dubai. Up on entering the ice cream parlor, we heard a short”Hi Mam, Sir”, shouted out by a lady hidden behind the counter. We came closer to look at the choices and varieties of ice, and also to see who greeted us. The young lady looked at us and added to her welcome:”Do you want to take a seat or is that for take away?”. Well, “that” was meant to be ice cream, up on which we had not decided at that precise moment. However as the sofas looked very comfortable and the temperature outside would have only melted our ice in seconds, we decided to take a seat and look into the menu she gave us. We ordered two disposable cups with different choices of sorbets and ice creams. Their variety and quality of ice cream is indeed stunning. And as they say about themselves, ” quality of products is their credo, no preservatives, no artificial flavor or colors are added”, one can really enjoy intense, refreshing and unique tastes of quality. The service on the other side could use a bit of added flavor and color. Not a single smile from either the waitress nor the man behind the counter, and it seemed that both lacked in passion for offering service and such high quality products. We remained for a while cooling down with mango sorbet and cookie ice cream before we asked for the bill. As we paid with depit card, the lady needed us to enter our pin number, she said:”Sir, can you tell me your pin number!” Well that was surprising, no one asked that before. We still assume she meant that we should stand up, go to the counter and add our pin number keeping it to ourselves, and this is what she tried to say really. However when the words slipped off her lips and we looked at her quite surprised about the question raised, she could not interpret or understand our confusion and instant reaction of raising our eye brows. She most probably did not seriously mean what she said, but as a recommendation for all the industry experts working in the hospitality and tourism, short service industry, please brief your employees again about how to generate the bill.
Overall the service experience was average, but the ice cream was delicious.
Enjoy the summer,




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