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Gun Smoke Steak & Burgers

Good evening to all of you!
Have you heard of the Gun Smoke restaurant before? Unfortunately this one hit the top of our not-to-do list! We spotted the diner in Jumeirah Lakes Towers last week and were tempted to go inside because of it’s cool design.

The restaurant is light in red lights inside and outside as well as decorated in a cool, unique way with cowboy hats, funky pictures, toy revolvers and dried garlic hanging from the roof. 
Who ever designed that place must have been to Texas quite often, or is a fan of the wild west and must have seen millions of old cowboy classic movies in his childhood. 
As said we were teased by the looks of the place and decided to check it out for dinner after our long eveninh walk around the lakes. We were  not the only guests, which we thought was a good sing. We were proven wrong. Gun Smoke has a total seating capacity of 20 guests only and does not offer outside seating. We were greeted friendly by a Philipono lady called Aisha. She passed over the menu and offered us drinks. We ordered two virgin Mojitos (in this case it was lime mint lemonade with ice cubes), steak with mashed potatoes and spinach and prawn salad. 
As soon as we placed our order, Aisha’s colleague ran out of the restaurant and only returned after a couple of minutes, carrying a plastic bag in his hands. Curious what might happen next we helped ourselves with the peanuts and pealed one after the other, while waiting for the food. The items on the menu, food as well as beverages, were quite high – they nearly reached hotel prices. When the food arrived we understood why the young man ran out of the restaurant and returned with a plastic bag. The steak was served first and we were told that the prawns needed a little longer (as he just bought them in the super market around the corner). The steak was a piece of meat which either never saw a real cow before or had been described wrong on the menu. That meat was not even close to steak. It was horrible, and so were the de-forzen mashed potatoes and the spinach. 

A couple of minutes later the prawns were served. A disaster. The salad was not marinated, the prawns were fried and oily. We tasted one and then decided to send the food back and leave. Before we did so, we revealed our identy and gave Aisha and her colleague constructive feedback on our experience. She appreciated our comments, told us that they opened up two weeks ago only and that the chef was Pakistani. 

Well, we have been to many places operated by Pakistani chefs and did not take that excuse as a very valuable one. At the end of the day our experience was simply bad and we doubt that we will ever give it another try. Unfortunately, Gun Smoke hit the top of the not-to-do list for the year of 2013. 
Keep exploring my dear friends and followers,

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