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Gramo Italian Restaurant, Dubai

Good day to all of you. We hope you had a great and refreshing weekend. Our weekend was filled with laughter, happiness, great people and a short walk around  Jumeirah Lakes Towers last night. This time of the year in Dubai is just great to be able to throw over a light jacket, a pair of trainers and get energized, walking through little man-made parks and (artificial) lakes. We enjoyed our little walk last night and thought of sharing our latest discovery with you – Gramo Italian Restaurant. Another Italian, you might wonder now?


So did we, to be honest, when we first saw the place’s sign outside. However, we were proven absolutely wrong. It is not just “another” Italian restaurant around the area, it is one of the most surprising, delicate and best-managed one we have come across Jumeirah Lakes Towers. “Picolo ma potente!” Upon arrival we decided to spilt up; one of us went inside to check out the menu, the other one took a seat in of the extravagant rocking – chair like tables. Seconds later a young, Philipino lady welcomed us at Gramo’s, while she laid the table and offered us drinks to start with. We asked for two Coca-Cola, served on ice with a slice of lemon and went on browsing through the food menu.


At Gramo’s you don’t just look over one of these old school A4 menu cards, you click through the starter, main course and sweets lists using a tablet. The idea of using tablets emerged more and more over the last couple of years – it was nothing new to us, however, we would not have expected this concept to be introduced in a small diner such as the place we had the pleasure of being at, last night.


We were really more curious about the service and the concept of Gramo’s, and therefore not dramatically hungry last night and decided to only order beef carpaccio and veal tortellini. Once we placed the order, we were served home-made bread by a tall, elegantly dressed gentleman in a suit. He must have noticed us talking in German and welcomed us to Gramo’s again, in his best German possible. After a small general chat with him, we did not only find out that the gentleman originally grew up in Croatia, but also a little bit more about the concept and idea behind the Italian restaurant.


The name Gramo Italian Restaurant is based on the diner’s lunch concept. During lunch hours, when the restaurant is filled with business hungry business people working near by, the chefs prepare an authentic, Italian lunch buffet. Ladies and gents place their drinks order with the service staff and help themselves at the buffet. The catch – you pay as much as you weigh. Not literately; however, the amount of money you pay for your meal depends on how much you load onto your plate at the buffet – therefore Gamo. A great and unique idea.


As we asked for the food to be served at the same time, it took less than 12 minutes to arrive at our table. The beef carpaccio had been cut perfectly thin and marinated with a pinch of salt and pepper only, served on rocket salad and parmesan. It tasted great. The veal tortellini on the other hand were served as a surprisingly small portion, and did not blow away our mind. The pasta filling was ordinary and sauce reminded us of re-heated gravy. At the end of the day we did not mind too much to be honest, as the carpaccio was great and the home-made bread filled up our stomachs before.


The Croation gentleman kept returning to our table, checked on our well being at all times and even managed to up-sell one of his “best” deserts as he called it. Choux pastry filled with sweet ricotta cheese on chocolate sauce. Again, the portion of the desert was quite small, the taste however exceeded the previously tasted tortelloni.


The food at Gramo’s, at least the three dishes we had the chance to try so far, meets the average Italian restaurant in this area. The service however, does not only meet the average service received usually, it exceeded all our expectations. From the young, Philipino lady, to the chef inside smiling at us while taking pictures and, of course the ambitious restaurant manager who looked after us to attentively were great.

Last night made us remember why we, at Servicexcellence publish our experiences and write reviews about hotels and restaurants around the country – we do so, in order to point out and celebrate the discovery of hidden jewels such as Gramo Italian Restaurant, located in Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai.

A dopo,


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