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Get Social with Restronaut at Fuchsia

Hello dear followers, friends and diners. When was the last time you enjoyed a nice meal with a crowed of strangers? In other words, when was the last time you had the chance to network and meet new people, while exploring a new restaurant? #GetSocial, a unique concept by Restronaut allows you to do exactly that – Restronaut is a social dining service that brings like – minded PEOPLE together over DINNER, at the city’s BEST restaurants.

The last get – social dinner by Restronaut, hosted individuals who generally look for adventures in Dubai – out door adventures, to be specific. It was held at Fuchsia, in Tecom. Exploring Asian food, combined with social networking and the wonderful Restronaut team, was simply amazing.

Once we secured our booking online, through the Restronaut website, we had the chance to discover who else would join our table on the same occasion. There were a total of 10 people booked for the dinner, and one could already tell that the great mix of individuals and their backgrounds would add a lot of value to each other. A 3 course set menu, including soft drinks and unique discussions for only 149 AED per person – what a deal!

The restaurant itself was not very huge; the communal table however, was super spacious and the perfect spot to socialize and share food with others. The service staff at the restaurant greeted us friendly, welcomed us at Fuchsia and offered us a refreshing mango smoothie to start off the evening.

Meeting new people and sharing each others’ interests made us forget to keep track of the time. It did however not take long, and we were served fresh papaya salad with peanuts, spring rolls and fried tofu. The food was delicious, and we had the chance to place a repeat order twice. What a service. Green curry, cashew nuts and chicken or Pad Thai with prawns were our choices for the main course.

The service staff offered us spicy to mild options for our mains and refilled our glasses with water in between. They took note of our individual food preferences and communicated that with the chefs. We made sure to order all dishes in all available variations and shared the dishes with everyone on the table. It was great!

The food, the conversations and the wonderful sticky rice with mango deserts were the perfect mixture for a perfect evening. The authentic, friendly and caring service however is what mattered to us most, and what lead us to write another review for all of you. Fuchsia is the place to go to when looking for a great evening and a unique dining experience.

Get and stay social, and share experiences with everyone around you. Spread the great news about Fuchsia and Restronaut – it is (more than) worth it!


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