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German Doener Kebab, JLT Dubai – WOW

This was not only service with a smile, this was more than unexpected and impressive! German Doener Kebab is a small stand alone restaurant, which recently opened in Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Cluster V, Dubai.
Just as the name says it already, they offer Kebab, Doeners and other sandwiches with beef or chicken. All of them filled with fresh ingredients such as tomatoes, lettuce, and other things which are supposed to be in such a Kebab or Doener!
We actually called them up first to see if they offer delivery service, but unfortunately, as we were informed, not at this stage.
We decided to go there ourselves. The restaurant has an indoor capacity for about 40 guests and another 20 outside. Inside the place was empty but outside a couple of tables were occupied. We approached the young man at the counter who welcomed us with a smile and pointed on the menu. He said:”Good evening and welcome at Doener Kebab, how can I help?”.
We had a look at the rather small menu which included single sandwiches or meal combos. Two chicken kebab, one without onions, fries, one Fanta and one Club Soda, for about 80 AED, only. We were asked to take a seat, and our order for take away will be ready in 4 minutes. Not expecting such a quick service we waited and started observing. About 4 very friendly, smiling employees stood around, packed our take aways together and kept joking with each other. They seemed to enjoy each other’s company and to have a happy, healthy work environment. It was great to see that they had so much fun. Their laughter was contagious and made me smile too. I could not help myself, got up and asked the lady if I could take a picture of her. She said:”Of course you can. Come on guys let’s take a picture!” , she said to her colleagues and they all came together. I made use of the new mobile app ‘Vine’ and took a 6 seconds video out of multiple pictures. (Find the video on Twitter @SofiePickhard) I thanked her, took my take way bags and left the restaurant when she stopped me and asked:”May I know your name?” Being rather surprised I told her my name and with a huge smile on her face she than said:”Well then thank you Miss Sofie, I hope you enjoy your Doener Kebab and I hope to see you again soon!”
Wow! That was unexpected. As said it is very difficult to find restaurants in Dubai where they not call you Mam or Sir. Having such a great experience in a small stand alone restaurant which serves sandwiches, well that was simply amazing!
On top, the kebabs tasted fantastic. Fresh, delicious and with the crisp fries on the side a great combination. One of the kebabs was marked with No Onions, and wrapped carefully in foil. The fries where packed in extra paper cups, which reminded of those offered at the small sausage stands in New York City.
Overall, I can only highly recommend German Doener Kebab.
It was simply a very pleasant and unexpected experience!

Well done.

Have a cool weekend everyone,




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