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Friends’ Avenue, Dubai

Hello friends and followers! How is your day going? We took it easy in the morning and worked on another special review or you. This time, about Friends’ Avenue in Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai. We decided to check out the place for a late breakfast – lunch quite some time ago. It was a Saturday, early afternoon when we managed to get a parking space in Cluster T. We parked the car, went around the tower and straight into the buzzing restaurant.

It was packed, and with packed we mean chocker blocker full. Lucky enough to find an empty spot on the high, communal table, we took a seat and waited to be served. A young waiter approached us, handed over the menu and left. We had this craving from something healthy, yet filling and ordered fresh juices as well as a salad with crispy bacon and a Burger.

The salad, usually without bacon, was on the lunch and dinner menu, the burger too. Ordering crispy bacon on the side, was not an option. Why? The waiter informed us that the crispy bacon would only be a ‘breakfast – item – add on’ and the chefs would not be able to fry some up for us. Rather confused about the answer, we asked the waiter to go back to the kitchen and confirm that with the chefs again.

A couple of minutes later, he returned and say:”Sorry Mam, we only have bacon on the breakfast menu, and it is passed 1pm. We can not add bacon to the salad.”

Looking through the ‘lunch – dinner” menu, we then saw that crispy bacon was an add on option too for this period of the day, and therefore ordered crispy bacon on the side for the burger. The waiter confirmed the order: The super food salad and the burger with crispy bacon on the side; he waited for our head nods and left.

We were speechless and very confused about why he did not offer us the bacon from the breakfast menu, did however add the bacon to the burger? Looking around, we also saw the owners of the place observing the happening and not interfering either. One of them was busy working on his laptop, the other one was busy taking pictures of food. He placed the food on the chair, on the counter and also on the floor to catch a great background. Understanding that a great food picture is a great advertising tool, the food on the floor and the limited motivation to interact with guests who are present and the moment of time however, was rather surprising to us.

What about the food you wonder now? The salad was great, and really stuffed with super foods. The burger was average; it was however served with bacon on the side. See it for yourself, as we took our usual pictures of the menu as well as the actual food.

We will be back as the décor, the atmosphere and the food were great. When it comes to the actual service however, we hope to come back with consulting solutions offered to the management – of how to work on the future success of the little Café.

Good luck and have a great weekend,


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