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Jan 26 2016

Freedom Pizza, Dubai

Good day to all of you. We hope you had a great week so far and that you still have the chance to explore what Dubai has to offer on food, service and dining experiences. We recently had the pleasure of trying out a few bites served by Freedom Pizza, UAE.

IMG_5839It was a great experience. Why? Because from the first contact made with the restaurant to the actual food tasting, we were impressed and satisfied.

We were approached to try out some of their new pizza and Edamame salad, their Mango Pasho, vegan cheesecake as well as one of their gluten free chocolate brownies. When placing the order, we were informed that the food would arrive at 6:30 pm. We kept an eye on the watch and were surprised that exactly at 6:24 pm the door bell rang. Wow, what a great first impression.


Waqas, one of Freedom Pizza’s ”free riders”, as they call their delivery men, stood in front of the door, presenting our dinner. He was friendly and greeted us with: ”Good evening Mrs. Sofie, I am pleased to deliver your food order”, he furthermore said: ”I also brought our new menu along for your review.”


A couple? He handed over about 8 menu cards, as well as the previously mentioned Edamame salad with goat cheese and lemon dressing, a small Beetnik (Mozzarella, goat cheese, spring onion, truffle oil, fennel, beetroot and caramelized onion), a small Nacho Libre (Mozzarella, broccoli, beef, Cilanto, spring onion and a lot of Jalapenos) as well as the brownie and the cheesecake.

What a feast. We thanked him, took a picture to capture his smile and were excited to try the new creations.

The food presentation was nice and appealing. We were wondering, however, how much plastic and cutlery and plastic covers were in the delivery bag. This is not about Freedom Pizza only, this is an issue that concerns all home – deliveries.


Instead of filling the bag with cutlery that goes to the bin, the order taker should ask if it was necessary to deliver forks and knifes at all.  We had to through the add-ons and laid the table. The smell was breathtaking. The taste was delicious. The combination of truffle, with beef, crunchy crusts and a refreshing salad with lemon dressing was divine – and this was before we tried the desserts.

The taste experience reminded us of a quote we once heard in the movie, Fools Rush In: “You’re Everything I Never Knew I Always Wanted.” – fresh, crunchy and distinct in taste.

The gluten free brownie was moist and held what the packaging promised: it was a fresh, chocolate flavoured brownie, cut in four equal blocks – ready to enjoy and be shared with loved ones. It complimented the fresh, sour combination of Mango Pasho and the smooth cheese creme. IMG_5844

We were very impressed with the food and the timely delivery and already had a look at their menu online for more of their ”free riders” to knock on our door in the future. Ordering is made very simple on their website, as you do not actually have to log in – you can simply order as a guest and even track your order.

”Freedom Pizza – Freedom has never been so easy”, they say, and we fully agree. We are thankful for the experience and will be in touch soon – either online or by visiting one of their branches in the near future.

Thank you,


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