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Feb 28 2016


Hello to all of you! We hope you are safe and sound. We recently had the pleasure of taking a flydubai flight from Dubai International Airport to Zagreb, Croatia. We are not the biggest fans of flying anyways (had a bad experience a few years back), however in times like these, business trips include flights and flights include take-offs and happy landings.


We have never had the pleasure of boarding with flydubai, and we were very curious about the experience. The flight took off from Dubai International Airport, Terminal 2 and was scheduled for the early afternoon. For us, that meant that after 5;30 hours we would still arrive in Europe by early afternoon, due to the time difference.

We had a few kilos of over luggage and paid 230 AED for about 5 KG in total; we also asked for an upgrade and were told however, that the flight was half empty and an upgrade would be a waste of money. Well, not too great for the company, amazing for us, however.

The security check was smooth and the gate transport was fast. We boarded the flight in no time, bought the Entertainment Package (movies and tv shows) for 35 AED and sat back to relax.


Maria, a very friendly stewardess welcomed us on board before we took off, and handed over the receipt to us. She wished us a pleasant flight and left. Being in the air for a while, the first turbulences started; and stopped again. We were served omelette, juice and coffee and were glad that the plane was stable again. However, that was not the end of the story, unfortunately.

We had about 3 hours to go and the turbulences started again. Left, right, up and down. We got up for a mini-stretch in a safe moment and saw the stewardess from before, sitting on the back of the plane. Our eyes met and she must have noticed that we were a little edgy. A few seconds later, just when the plane went up and down again, Maria stood nex to us.


She said: ”Hello Mrs. Sofie, how are you? I have noticed the seat next to you is free, would you like me to sit next to you?”. She took a seat and told me stories about her family, her husband who lives back home in India and that she was part of the crew for more than 3 years already. Maria talked to us for a while and once the turbulences were over, she excused herself and wished us a nice flight!

Wow! Unfortunately, we were not able to take a picture of Maria, however, we must say, she was awesome. More than awesome.


A big thank you to you Maria, and to the entire flydubai crew! You managed to make our flight bearable and we are looking forward to the next take off and happy landing in Dubai.

Kepp up the amazing passion and service, SE!

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