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FLY HIGH – SERVICE LOW ? Emirates Airlines VIE – DXB

Emirates Airlines, what does it stand for?

The name stands for comfortable seats, excellent serviced air crafts, pretty uniforms and always smiling staff… at least that is what came to my mind before I started taking Emirates Airlines regularly.

Yes, service on board is exhausting and I am not admiring anyone who has to rush through tiny galleys, serve hundreds of guests within a relatively short period of time and has not a lot of space or empowerment to take impulsive actions.

However, on a mid – range flight from Vienna to Dubai, on an aircraft where 20% of Economy seats where empty and 26 out of 30 available seats in the Business Class were free – stress is no excuse for rude or arrogant personal.

By coincidence I met a friend of mine, who had a connecting flight, traveled for hours and bought a Business Class Ticket to relax during his long trip. I was surprised to see him, and as we had a lot to catch up, he asked the Purser on that flight if I could come to sit with him for a chat.

I went to the front, set down and listened to his holiday adventures.

5 minutes after I took a seat (I did not even order a drink), the Purser, Mr X.X came, stopped in front of me and said:

“Time is over, you can go back now!”

My friend and me where speechless. I could not even reply, as I was shocked about such a rude and arrogant way to talk to a paying customer.

I shook my head, stood up and left, after asking for his full name. He figured out immediately what I was about to do, but still did not apologize.

No I have not send a complaint to Emirates Airlines.

To me it is more important to make you aware of the fact that not everything what is gold, is also shining. And if you feel badly treated as a customer, it is your right to ask for the person’s name and report the incident. Not only on board of Emirates Airlines.

The Good – my friend and me landed safe back home in Dubai.

The Bad – this was not the first time, staff is unfriendly and arrogant. But this might be a brand standard…

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