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Fish & Chips Room, JBR Dubai

It has been a long time since we ordered in for dinner. On the quest to find the best, we decided to order from the Fish & Chips Room. It is not hard to guess what our order might have looked like, right? We had one portion of breaded cod and chips and a portion of Jumbo prawns, also with chips, extra vinegar and mayonnaise.
The food was great, so great that we even forgot to take a picture. Either it was the fresh taste of the fish and prawns, the smell of home-made chips or the sourness of the vinegar, but we finished within minutes. And the portions were big, too big. As a future recommendation, one portion of chips is more than enough for two. Well, what about the service, you wonder now? Service interaction is very limited when ordering in, but what we experienced was top. First over the phone, Mr.Hariek, picked up immediately, greeted polite and in a cheerful manner. You could literately hear the smile on his face when answering the phone. He took all my details, then my order, repeated everything using a very well spoken English and being polite and humble at all times. He informed us that our order would take 45 minutes, however he would try his best to deliver the same as soon as possible. He thanked for the call and wished us a nice meal. The order was delivered in 37 minutes. Not quite as fast as we hoped – we were starving, and as usual waited for the last minute to order – but he kept his promise! When someone knocked on our door, it felt like relief! The young man at the door, had less to say but also smiled very friendly and handed over our order. He took our money in return, thanked in a humble and polite way and left, waving.
Top well done to the team, from the order taker, to the chefs and the delivery man!
It is the simple and small things in life, like ordering in, we tend to take for granted, but SERVICEXCELLENCE knows how to appreciate and understands the importance of sharing a small business’ success!
We will order again, thank you.

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