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Fat Burger, Dubai

Good evening to all of you and hello again! We are back from our Europe trip and immediately went out for another restaurant experience in Dubai. To be honest, it was more a fast food experience. An experience we enjoyed – a lot.

Living and working in this vibrant city for so many years now, we felt that it was time to change our habit of visiting fine dining and high end stand alone restaurants all the time and decided to go out for burgers. We ended up at Fat Burger, on Jumeirah Road.

Fat Burger

Fat Burger, is an international fast food chain, which originated out of Las Vegas many decades ago. Today the chain hosts a couple of franchise branches around the World, one of them in Dubai.

When we walked in last night, it was around 9pm (usually too late for a meal already), we were surprised that Fat Burger was quite busy. It was late and the first day of Eid Al Fitr.

A young gentleman opened the door for us and greeted us friendly. His smile and the smell of fresh burgers and fries were welcoming and enlightening at the same time. Fat Burger, you would think now? The smell of fried food is welcoming? Yes, it was indeed. We marched on to the counter right away, where the branch manager took up our order after introducing us to the menu, the new burger creations and offering us some cold drinks to cool down.

Fat Burger

We ordered a Thousand Island Sauce Burger with skinny fries, a Double Fat Burger, a Coke and a strawberry milkshake. The manager reconfirmed the order to us, handed over the drinks, asked us to take a seat, smiled at us and shouted out the order once again.

‘Thousand Island Sauce Burger’, and his team replied: ‘Thousand Island Sauce Burger’. ‘Skinny fries’, and again his team replied: ‘Skinny fries’… and so on.

We enjoyed watching them having fun repeating the order. Shouting things out would obviously not work in a fine dining restaurant, however in a busy fast food chain, a chain which is not only unique by it’s name, shouting out the order is a great way of: communication, team work, positivity as well as making sure the order is correct. It is an engaging and memorable way of interacting with guests and showing one’s appreciation and recognition. We loved it!

Fat Burger

It only took a couple of minutes for Mr. Mohammed to serve our food. He offered us a range of dips and sauces to go with our meal, excused himself and left. When entering the fast food branch initially, we found a little cat laying outside of the restaurant.

The cat, a regular which we found out later, had been there fore years and enjoyed small chicken, beef and fish bites shared by the team. When we wanted to get up to share some of our food with the cat, we saw that Mr. Mohammed, who excused himself earlier, had gone out to take care of the little visitor already.

What a great thing to see for cat lovers like we are. What an unusual thing to experience in Dubai, where too many animals are abandoned during the year.

Our food? Thanks for asking, our food was great. The fat burgers are actually not how they sound like. One does not feel overly filled after a sandwich and some fries, and the quality it top. Fat Burger even offers vegetarian options as well as a burger without the bun – for those of us who are on a zero – carbs diet and still grave this distinct burger taste.

All in all, Fat Burger is the place to go to when looking for a (rather healthy) meal option which combines fast food with humanity, great service and a unique dining experience.

Thank you Fat Burger,


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