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Fairmont Dubai, Sheik Zayed Road

When was the last time you gave yourself a treat? When was the last time you went for a massage? Life is busy, the working week is filled with meetings, emails and phone calls and we tend to forget to take a time out now and then.


We thought that we were lucky, as we had a gift voucher for The Spa on the 9th floor of the Fairmont Dubai, located on Sheik Zayed Road, in Dubai. We booked a couple massage for the Saturday afternoon – a simple relaxation massage for an hour. Prior to our arrival of the spa staff called us, to remind us of our appointment at 4pm and to confirm that we were still up for it. We were delighted about the call and had high expectations of how we would indulge in a great treatment session only a couple of hours later.


Up on arrival we were greeted by the valet parker, handed over our car keys and went through the impressive, huge lobby towards the elevators. The hotel did not look busy, however no one acknowledged us or offered assistance. We made our way up to The Spa and were greeted by the receptionist who handed over two documents for us to fill out – a common practice.


After a couple of minutes, another spa attendant took me into one end of the spa, and my other half to the gents section. Both sections offered a relaxation area, a Jacuzzi, a cold bath tab, sauna and a steam room. As we did not have enough time prior to our massage, we planned to jump into the Jacuzzi post the treatment. We got changed, put on a bathrobe, sipped on our cucumber water and waited to be picked up by the attendant again.


As said, our expectations were high, and therefore we were a little disappointed when we saw the tiny couple treatment room. It offered just enough space for two beds and the attendants to more around. The massage was booked for one hour; it was not very nice. The treatment was too soft, then, once we raised our concern it was too hard – so hard in fact that we left the spa with headache.


Not a lot to say about the actual treatment – it was not one of the worst we had, however definitely also not one of the best. We were looking forward to a relaxing couple of hours in the Jacuzzi after, however the water smelled badly. The only nice part of our experience was to enjoy a cup of Peppermint tea with honey and the read through the Friday Magazine after we got changed again.


Up on our payment, we tried to raise the concerns with the spa attendant. This however turned out to be harder than we thought. The massage itself, the relaxation areas and the fact that my other half tried calling the reception with the phone displayed in the gents area, no one however attended the phone – resulted in a therapist who walked off in a very stubborn way, and the receptionist mentioning that he was busy and therefore could not attend the phone.

All in all not the best experience. We tried making them understand that even though we lost an afternoon, we still aimed to offer constructive feedback, and handed over our business card.


A few days later, the spa manager gave us a call to follow up. We were delighted that she accepted our feedback and wished her all the best. The manager then sent us a day voucher to make use of the Fairmont facilities on another occasion, which we thanked her for, however did not accept.

Servicexcellence is a platform that shares great experiences, as well as experiences were expectations were not met. The reason behind is to share industry experiences with those who seek for a great place to spend relaxing hours with their loved ones and with those who are responsible for making the hours as convenient as possible – the industry experts.

We do hope that the Fairmont Dubai works on their building blocks, take feedback in a more receptive way in the future and wish the property’s spa staff all the best.

Servicexcellence wishes you all a great day, keep in touch.


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