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May 09 2016

Emirates Golf Club, Dubai

We recently had the pleasure of playing a round of golf with close friends. As most of us are based around the Jumeirah Lakes Towers, we met at the Emirates Golf Club in Dubai. One of many beautiful, huge and well-maintained golf clubs and courses in this town. The Emirates Golf Club, amongst others, is our favorite. The central location, easy access and beautiful landscape, compliment the varieties of recreational offers and the high quality of customer service.

Parking is easy. There are three main parking areas – two close to the club house and a third one next to their 2nd driving range.
This time, we parked at the driving range right away, popped into the facility management hut and purchased a few golf ball buckets and a Gatorade, to stay hydrated. The lady at the counter handed over a few coins for the machine, out drink and wished us a lot of fun. She smiled and one could feel that she meant it, from the bottom of her heart.

It was 7pm on a Thursday evening and the range was packed. Packed with determined golfers like ourselves, who combined a few hits with quality- friends and family time!

We played for an hour or two before we decided to have a few bites in the club lounge. We headed back to the car, re-parked it, to make space for others and walked down the stairs, through the lobby.

The golf course and club-house is more than a place to hit a few balls. It is a place to shop (like a pro), swimming a few rounds in the pool, enjoy a few minutes in the sauna or steam room and to share drinks and memories with fellow golfers. It’s all about seeing and being seen, too.

The restaurant is divided into an indoor and outdoor area. It features a massive, intercontinental buffet and a live band on Thursdays – the vibes were great.

The duo performed hits from the 80’s, 90’s and more recent songs too. Their songs were partly one-hit wonder covers, combined with rattles and guitar loops. Great all time classics to sing along to.

We ordered refreshing beverages, a Thai beef salad, Nasi Goreng and a club-house burger for dinner. The service was great. All waiter’s (we had 3 looking after us on the night) offered us sides, introduced a variety of dishes to us, repeated the order and followed up on our well-being. All three of them demonstrated a positive attitude, dealt with us in a professional manner and acted proactively.

It was because of their positive attitude and care that we decided to overcome the frozen patty in the burger and the lack of spices in the Nasi Goreng.

We are sure you experienced that for yourself once or twice. If the service is great and you feel taken care of and valued, you generally tend to excuse shortfalls in products- you still feel that you received value for your money, right? That was the same for us during our experience at the Emirates Golf Club.

We enjoyed the atmosphere, had a blast on the driving range and only met very professional, positive and friendly employees throughout the evening. It was a great Thursday night and we are already looking forward to our next round and dinner at the club!

Don’t sit at home, get up, go out, try something new and be grateful for what you have, SE

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