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Eggspectation – The Beach, Dubai

It was about time to have a proper breakfast at The Beach and therefore we chose Eggspectation to be the targeted breakfast destination during our last weekend. We parked our Jeep in the mall parking between a mix of Ferraris, Lamborginis and flowerbeds. Yes, in Dubai we have flowerbeds in our garages to cover the concrete and make everything look nicer than it actually is.  As said, we parked in the garage and went up the escalator until we reached The Beach. It was a beautiful day and reminded us of a summer day in Europe.

The beach

The Beach, for those who have not been there yet, is a new area in Dubai, just behind the famous Jumeirah Beach Road where people find recreational facilities, public beach access, running tracks and hundreds of new restaurants. One of them is Eggspectation. The name says it all. They serve eggs – and they are sensational in the way they do it. We did not make a reservation and therefore had to queue for a while until we found a table inside and the chance to enjoy the most important meal of the day in an air-conditioned environment. It is not even mid July and you cannot sit outside anymore – at least not during the day.

Eggsensation, The Beach

Eggspectation, was packed and when I say packed, I mean packed. However we did not have to wait longer than 10 minutes, after the young, beautiful and friendly lady at the hostess desk took down our details. We used the time to look through their menu and discovered some new, interesting dishes as well as some old classics presented in a fresh, humorous and unique way.


Eggsecutive Burgers


Benedict with Benefits


Their menu looked very promising and therefore we got even more excited when one of the waiters came up to us, to escort us to our table. The restaurant looked very comfortable, stylish decorated and the atmosphere was great. Guests were made up out of a mix of young couples and friends who hang out on weekends, families as well as business men who passed by to share a cup of coffee with someone from work.

Once we sat down, Ms Sandra, the waitress approached us with a friendly smile, wished us a good morning and handed over the menus again. She did not know that by then we knew it by hard already.

Eggspectation Menu


She noted down our coffee order and came back a couple of minutes later to find out which juices we wanted to try and what food we would go for. We ordered freshly squeezed fruit mixes, steak with eggs – sunny side up and “‘Benedict with benefits”. She repeated the order and came back with a basked filled with fresh warm bread, butter and jams.



While waiting for our food we observed the waiters, the guests and their interaction with one another. All employees looked really polite, friendly, and what we call “smiley” (you know what we mean, this genuine smile!).

While waiting for the rest of our food, we enjoyed the bread and jam for a while until one of the waiters came up to us, took the basket as well as the bread left overs off our napkin and cleared our table. We were a bit irritated in the first place, because we did not understand why he would take away our bread while we were still eating it, but he came back a minute later and said: ”Sorry Madam that I took away your bread. I intended to replace it with fresh bread.”

It was very kind of him to come back and let us know, but on the other hand it was a bit scary as well. We felt like someone observed us and wondered about how he could have possibly seen us, or our reaction when he was already in the kitchen by that time? It must have been one of his very attentive colleagues who ran after him to share what he saw. To happy, but rather confused guests.

The juices tasted great, the bread fresh and we could not wait for the rest of our breakfast to arrive. Despite the fact that the restaurant was super busy on that day, the food did not take longer than 15 minutes to arrive, and guess what – it tasted fantastic.

The steak had been served  medium, just the way it had been ordered before and the sunny side up – eggs had been served on the side with vegetables and freshly cut fruits. The “‘Benedict with benefits”, was served on brown bread with spinach pesto on top and surrounded by fruits too. It was a complete new interpretation of what we knew – and it was fantastic.


The service was great, the food was superb and we just loved the place. After leaving Eggspectation, we were no longer surprised that the restaurant had been so crowded, and we decided to come back soon, but will get up a bit earlier next time.

The location as well as the restaurant itself is a must and we do highly recommend to make the effort of getting up early on the weekend and heading down to The Beach for a great breakfast – ”… because it is the most important meal of the day…”

Have a great day,




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