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East Kitchen – fresh to eat

Good day to all of you. We hope you had a great week so far. We did and thought it would be nice to keep you up to date with our new adventure. It was an adventure because of how we reached the place, less because of the destination itself this time. Trying out new things and sports constantly, we thought of combining reviewing restaurants with a tour around the Lakes – on roller blades.


It was quite late, as we had some meetings during the early evening hours, but this did not stop us from swinging around Jumeirah Lakes Towers driven by hunger and curiosity. Our route led us to East Kitchen. The restaurant itself is quite spacious in comparison to other restaurants in the area. They offer indoor as well as outdoor seating.


As mentioned earlier, it was quite late at night when we arrived. Nevertheless, we were the only guests, accompanied by four chefs, one waitress and a restaurant manager. We were greeted friendly and offered a couple of paper menus. A couple of minutes later, the waitress returned to take up our order.


We asked for sparkling water, a cranberry – orange juice as well as salmon – cream sushi, Ghai Phad Gra Prau and Gai Massaman – two rice dishes mixed with vegetables and chicken.


The waitress’ attitude was great, she was friendly and welcoming. The overall service experience and speed of delivery however was not. It took about 15 minutes for our drinks to arrive. Why? Our mistake was to order cranberry – juice and East Kitchen was not ready for that. They did not have any juice in stock, and had to send one of their chefs to the grocery next door to buy some first. Once we followed up on the drinks – or at least the water – we were informed about the lack of stock and served a second drink on the house, without asking for it.


The food followed the drinks, and tasted good. In other words, the four chefs prepared a meal which tasted like “we are happy to cook our best food, for our only guests tonight”.


The taste of the food however did not make up for the lack of service. No, we do not refer to the cranberry juice anymore, we refer to six employees who did not come to check on us once, as well as did not react to us waving for their attention from outside. We kept waving and waving, but none of them acknowledged us until we knocked on the glass window to get some attention and ask for the bill.

We do understand that East Kitchen in Jumeirah Lakes Towers is not comparable to any of the high – end Asian restaurants we love to go usually – a little more attention and quality of the service however, is the least guests should be able to expect.

Our conclusion: the food was good, the service not, and therefore we recommend a lot of training and consulting to East Kitchen, and take – away or delivery service to future guests and customers.

We wish you a great day, and East Kitchen all the best for the future.


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