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East Asian Kitchen

Good day to all of you. We hope you had a great start into the week!

Due to medical reasons, our dining experiences are currently limited to deliveries. Due to that fact we decided to keep you entertained either ways and looked for another restaurant in the neighborhood which offers delivery services. We found East Asian Kitchen.

“Originally from Germany, East Asian Kitchen’s Dubai branch opened in late 2012 and is located in a boxy space at the bottom of Cluster U in JLT. East’s philosophy is apparently ‘light, healthy, fresh fusion food’ with a ‘modern European touch.’ It’s clear from the takeaway-style menu that the focus is on South-East Asian, Chinese and Japanese dishes, but the descriptions don’t always give away the promised Western touches…” is what we found published online by TimeOut Dubai. We agree to that, as we did not find anything on the menu that had a Western touch.

As said, we ordered to dine in and called them around 7:30 pm last week. Mr. Rahul, attended the telephone, greeted us friendly and welcomed us to East Asian Kitchen. We told him that we wanted food to be delivered to our house, and he asked for our details first before asking what we wanted to eat. Most of these delivery restaurants do that actually. All of them ask for the address, telephone number and name first. Nothing is wrong about that in general, however the way a customer is asked about the name is wrong 9/10 times. Have you ever heard someone saying: “What’s your GOOD name?”. You did, right? Not all the times, but occasionally we then ask back if we can give out our BAD name as well – a sarcastic joke which is not always appreciated and understood, but comes down straight to the point. 


Nevertheless, he was very kind over the phone when proceeding and taking our order. We decided to go for the mango chicken and egg fried rice as a side dish. He then informed us that we did not order “enough” and offered us to take a starter as well, not to be charged for delivery. We agreed to take spring rolls, thanked for the recommendation and waited for the food. It took 45 minutes for the order to arrive. Having a closer look at the receipt, we saw that without the extra order we would have been two Dirhams short to cover the delivery charges of five Dirhams only, ordering spring rolls on top, resulted in 20 Dirhams more.


A good trick to up-sell, but it would have been nice to know that in advance before confirming the order. The food quality as well as quantity however surprised us. It was not the expected portion of food that we are used to when ordering from other ”Asian” cuisine places, which is great because you do not need to waist food. The quality of the food was great as well. 


All in all I would recommend East Asian Kitchen to all of you, however I would also offer some telephone technique training to people working at the place in future.

Have a good one,



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