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Dusit Thani, Dubai

Good afternoon to all of you. Did you have your lunch already? Home – made Daal Roti or a low calories salad from KCal perhaps? While we were nibbling on our Quinoa salad from Leopolds of London, we thought of sharing our experience with those of you, who have not been to last weeks Hospitality Business Summit at the beautiful Dusit Thani.

The Hospitality Business Summit took place for 2 full days. It offered space for networking, listening to great guest speakers, interesting discussion panels and last but not least, the food and the service (which is a very important criteria of satisfaction when attending events like these) were great.


On day one, everyone, and we mean everyone welcomed us and wished us a good morning up on entering the hotel’s lobby. “That’s normal and anyone would greet you and wish you a good morning when entering a hotel”, you would think now? But not in that way. The way that people greeted us was genuine. The smile was real, the hospitality was authentic and the welcome was warm. One of them stayed in our memory in particular. Mr. Toan from Vietnam. He was one of the concierges and was there when we arrived, and when we left. On day one he would greet us friendly and welcome us to “his” hotel, but on day two, he welcomed us back and wished us a great day at the summit. He observed the people who entered the entrance to the summit, memorized them and made an effort of talking to them, asking them if they had a good time and how the event went for them personally.


Mr. Toan really impressed us. He definitely went the extra mile and made us feel very special by memorizing and constantly recognizing us. Not only us to be honest, also a couple of other attendees whom we talked to.

The summit as said was great. The service was friendly, quick and efficient. Considering there were more than 170 ”industry experts” around, none of the service staffs were nervous or showed any lack in self-confidence. They, just like Mr. Toan, read off our desires of the eyes. They were quick in replenishing the buffet as well as the conference room, and one had the feeling that the make up happened through magic.


It was our first time at the Dusit Thani, and for those who had never been there before like us, we saw that the hotel presented itself much more modern that the building seems to be from outside. The Dusit Thani is one of the city’s 5 – star luxury properties, and represents a mixture of Thai architecture and designed, combined with Arabic hospitality. The international brand exists for the last 65 years, and ever since evolved even more and more offering the ”essence of Thailand”, as they call it, than in their early beginnings.


Mr. Toan is one of the best examples to prove this point. He might not be Thai, but he definitely is an employee and true ambassador of the Dusit Thani, offering the best of the best to ”his” guests. Service from the heart…

On behalf of Servicexcellence, we wanted to thank the guys from CPI for organizing the event, as well as Mr. Toan and his team, for the great service and wish them best of luck for their future.

Keep exploring,



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