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Dubai Wine Club at the Radisson Royal Sheik Zayed Road

The Dubai Wine Club is a gathering of expatriates who like networking, discovering new places and of course drinking and tasting wine. The tasting happens once a month and always at different locations. This time Kevin and Christina organized the ballroom of the Radisson Royal Sheik Zayed Road.
The wine tasting is about 175 AED and includes blind tasting of 6 different wines, and a lot of very tasty, small canapés and nibbles such as sushi, spring rolls, shrimp cocktails or mini sandwiches with smoked salmon and cream or pan roasted vegetables. The tasting is set up on tables of 10, once a table is full, the bottles of wine are served and the tasting starts. A great event, fun, a lot of knowledge to gain when it comes to wine, full of surprises once the blinds are uncovered and a great way to network with people.
However, besides the wine tasting, of course we looked at and observed the service staff. The waiters were friendly, and always smiling when serving the food. Now and then they would go around refilling our water glasses to neutralize our pallet and distributed pens for us to take notes. But even better, with great fun I observed where one guest asked one of them for their opinion about the wine, or if he knew which wine it was. The waiter, very humbly explained to the guest that he did not know the name of the wine either but he could help him with the tasting notes. The guest described what he tasted and together they found out, by exchanging ideas that it could only be a Merlot. The region and vintage of the wine, however was still a riddle to both! Super nice service and great customer interaction. Both seemed to enjoy it, the waiter had fun assisting and interacting with the guest and the guest appreciated his help.
The overall service, from the bell boy to the waiters and other staff running around the hotel was enjoyable, humble and you could feel that people who work in Radisson Royal had fun in what they do and enjoyed hosting their guests! A great atmosphere and smooth service made us enjoy the wine tasting even more.
The next time we are at Radisson Royal we will check out their Japanese Restaurant in the 49th floor, which offers an immaculate view over the skyline of Dubai.

If you are interested in joining the Dubai Wine Club, download the free app “Meet Up” and look for the club, dates and upcoming events! Its great fun!

The Good: The surprise of the night was not only that one of the wines uncovered was from India (which is one of the less know wine producers in the world) but the waiter who had so much fun interacting with his guests. It was delightful watching both sharing ideas and discussing tasting notes!

The Bad: tasting too many different kinds and grapes of wine can give you head ache the next morning and the Merlot both of the guessed on the other table, was a Cabernet 😉

Anyways, practice makes perfect and the waiters attitude is what counted!

Well done Royal Radisson, you have a great team!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!



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    Thanks, Monica

    September 2, 2013 at 9:24 am
  • Zainy

    hi very interesting, can you let us know when is the next event?

    February 10, 2015 at 4:02 pm

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