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Dubai Creek Golf Club

It was about time to reach out for a place on the other side of town. We decided to go for an afternoon refresher at the Dubai Creek. Not Legends the restaurant, no but the golf club house. The sun was shining, the golf course busy and it felt like love is in the air. One if these days were one is happy about everything in general and easy to please. Up on entering the hostess greeted us friendly and welcomed us to the Golf Club, she pointed out the way down to the club house and wished us a nice afternoon. Actually we just passed by for some sparkling ice-chilled water and a fresh lime mint juice – our favorite. When we told the waitress that we were not here for lunch she said:”Oh, in that case you can just sit over there.” She left us and disappeared behind the bar. We decided not to let our mood to be spoiled and took seat where she asked us to, on the far end of the club house. Still wondering if it was because we sat in the corner where no one saw us, we waved to try to get the lady’s attention after 15 minutes of pointing out our table to us. She must have forgot that she never returned to take orders. One of her colleagues, Grace spotted us gasping for attention in the corner and attended us to take our drinks order. About 10 minutes later and making eye contact with Ms Grace -our feeling of love and happiness started to fade away- she remembered about us and served the drinks which had been waiting for pick up at the bar. It was not busy, however one could feel that the urge and willingness to serve people was not quite high either. We sipped out our drinks quickly to catch up on time we lost while waiting, paid and rushed to our afternoon meeting in Deira. Overall a beautiful place, and the famous restaurant – people usually head to – is unique by itself, the club house however did not leave as much as of a good impression behind.
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