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Dec 15 2015

Culinary Boutique, Dubai

What a grand opening! The Culinary Boutique on Jumeirah Beach Road finally opened its doors to the public! That was, what we call an opening with a “bang”! Stunning.


The Emirati entrepreneur and food lover, Hessa Al Qassim, founded the Culinary Boutique to share her love of food with the wider community, and to provide an intimate setting where the experience is as important as the food. We are glad she took on the project of sharing her passion with the public, as the venue and concept are simply stunning.


The combination of gourmet cafe, patisserie, and offer of cooking classes is what has been missing in Dubai so far.


The service was particularly attentive and lovely, and the food was delicious last night – an experience and review,  worth sharing with you.

We arrived around 6 pm last night and were greeted by a bunch of friendly (and smiling) valets at the entrance. They welcomed us with open arms, and assured us that the valet service would not only be offered for the grand opening.

Once we managed to get through the entrance and passed by the stunning purple lavender tree at the steps, we were again welcomed (and smiled at) by one of the many team members at the Culinary Boutique, who prepared fresh juices with coconut and lavender flavors, while others welcomed us with a variety of canapes.

We found all sorts of guests with us at the event. Food bloggers, photographers, investors, journalists and had the chance to network and find out what their first impression of the Culinary Boutique was, while walking up to the second floor of the building.


Everyone was amazed and impressed. Amazed by the friendly team, attentive service and the carefully chosen decorative items and design. Even the candles and the lavender lollipops where decorated.


One noticed that the overall concept was thought through carefully. Guests were invited to try: beef burger sliders, chicken satay sticks, breaded mushrooms, raw Spaghetti, fresh bread with olives and much more.


The taste was distinctive and unique, not to mention what the Culinary Boutique’s team offered for guests with a sweet tooth last night too.


We were invited to visit the patisserie kitchen, where two chefs prepared a few mini-doughnut like pastries with lavender ice cream, as well as cookie- and white chocolate sauce, on the side.


Delicious. The highlight of the evening however, were the cooking classes offered to visitors, of twenty minutes each. One of the Culinary Boutique chefs took great pride in hosting and inviting food lovers to prepare their own canapes while they had the chance to network with each other.


The cooking classes are, as mentioned, a great part of the overall concept and products offered at the Culinary Boutique. What else brings together people closer than sharing food? Sitting around a dinner table and sharing food with each other is of great importance to many nationalities and part of many traditions worldwide.


Sharing this experience with strangers, work colleagues and family members in a beautiful setting such as at the Culinary Boutique however, gives the entire concept a relaxed, yet unique and distinctive taste.


We were highly impressed by what the team at the Culinary Boutique put together last night and cannot wait to visit the venue again soon, enjoying home-made croissants in the cafe downstairs, or a lovely breakfast on the terrace, overlooking Jumeirah.


A big thank you, to the Restronaut team, for sharing the updates about the grand opening with us, and inviting us to review the most recently opened gourmet cafe in Dubai.

Explore it for yourself,


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