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Apr 30 2017

Coya, Dubai

Good afternoon to all of you,

We hope you are well. It has been long since we were out and about in Dubai. However, we finally made it to Coya a few weeks ago. What an experience! Whoever did not have the chance to eat at Coya yet, must go. The food and the drinks are great; the service could use a pinch of salt.

We booked a table for 4 long before the night of our dinner and planned to take out our family members who recently arrived in Dubai. As we heard many positive things about Coya; all of us arrived from different directions and we decided to meet at the bar for drinks first.

I arrived first and mentioned that I am expecting 3 more guests. I took a seat at the bar, ordered a mocktail and waited for the others. A few minutes later, my husband arrived and mentioned that we were still expecting 2 more people under the same reservation and that he would join me at the bar until their arrival.

About 15 minutes later my phone rang. It was my mother, who stood outside at the hostess table, informing us that the hostess would not ‘’allow them to enter’’ the restaurant as their name was not on the reservation list.

‘’… they do not allow us to enter…’’, we were shocked. I went out of the bar, and up to the hostess to ask her what the problem was. She said, ‘’their names are not on the list, so they cannot come in…’’. When I reminded her that we said we are expecting 2 more people, and asked her to check ‘’the list’’ again, she then said: ‘’Oh yes, they are not on the list, as you and your husband checked-in already, and it did not show up in the system anymore…’’, she smiled and lifted her shoulders.

We were shocked and must say that the overall start to our dinner experience started off sour, due to this incident.  Once we took a seat, we were presented with the food menu and offered beverages.

We ordered Peruvian beer, starters to share and the grilled Sirloin Steak with sides as our main course.  The Peruvian was to eat, is to share. And there is no better way of enjoying food, than sharing it with loved ones.

While waiting for the food, we observed that the service personnel and the hostesses kept chatting with each other in the bar, while guests around them tried to get their attention asking for ashtrays, drinks, and menus. We found this a little sad, to be honest; the service does not give due diligence to the great interior design of the place itself, and the amazing quality of food. The flavours, the ingredients, the presentation… WOW! The steak, in fact, was so nice that we ordered a second portion and additionally asked for mashed potatoes on the side too.

Even writing about the food served at Coya makes me hungry. We cannot wait to go back; the next time we just make sure that all of us arrive at the same time, to avoid any inconvenience at the entrance.

Coya is a must, for everyone who visits Dubai!

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