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Chamas Churrascaria and Bar, Dubai

Good day to all of you and Eid Mubarak.

It was a couple of weeks back when we visited the Chamas Churrascaria and Bar located at the Crwon Plaza on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai. We had a team dinner planned and chose the Brazilian restaurant for this special occasion.

As our office is just a couple of minutes walk away we decided to leave our cars at the car park and walk along Sheikh Zayed Road, passing all the tiny restaurants and cafes which established themselves there over time. One could fine everything there, from a Sushi place to Costa Coffee, Elevation Burger or local cuisine. However, passed them all on this evening as we only had one and only goal in mind was reaching Chamas before 18.30. It was a Thursday night, and despite the fact that we had reserved only a couple of hours before, on the same day, it was easy to get a table for 6 and even request for a small 1 kg birthday cake.


We were excited and hungry and marched on. When reaching the hotel, we found ourselves to be there just a bit too early and had a pre-dinner drink in the pub located on the first floor.

At 6.30 sharp we entered Chamas. We were greeted by the friendly hostess, who later on arranged the cake for us and asked the two entertaining ladies to sing a birthday song as well, and chose a round table in one corner of the restaurant. It was empty. We were the first guests.

A friendly waiter approached us, handed out the menu cards and informed us that we could either have items served from the a la carte menu or choose a package for the night, which included the buffet as well as fresh meat cuts served to the table.


All of us chose the same package and we stormed off to the buffet, as soon as our drinks orders were placed and confirmed. The buffet looked stunning. Salmon, Jacob mussels, salads, hummous, cold cuts, soup and freshly backed bread – one could find everything on that buffet. We had to hold ourselves back when loading the starter plates, as we did not want to miss out on the grilled meat later on. It was just too tempting to eat items displayed on the buffet, all night long.

The concept of Chamas is simple. Each guest has a card on the table. On one side the card is green, which means that you expect the waiter to serve you meat from the grill, the other side is red, which means “please give me a break, my tummy is filled up and I need to rest for a while “.


As soon as we ate up our starters and finished the first glass of Merlot, we turned our cards from red to green and waited to be served again. It did not take long, and a young gentleman approached us with grilled chicken, followed by roast beef, followed by rib eye and so on and so on. He would just not stop feeding us. We enjoyed the meat and the light music playing in the background. At some point however, we could not take it anymore. The meat was delicious but simply too much. As soon as we took a bite of one kind, the next dish was served. We asked the waiter to slow down his service a little bit and told him that we appreciated the delicious food, but needed some space for the cake later on. He smiled at us, and said: “Well you are lucky. You are the first guests tonight and it is early, so the meet is still fresh…”


Still fresh? What did that mean? He noticed our confused facial expressions and added: “What I meant to say was that the meet is fresh all night long obviously, however this is the first time that the chefs send it out to be served, later on we tend to just keep the meat warm, for other gusts to be served…” We understood what he was trying to say, and we are sure you do too, however decided not to comment further on what had been said and just go with the flow.


40 minutes later, all of us had turned their cards from green to red and took a couple of minutes to rest. The same waiter came back to check on us and offered some freshly grilled pineapple. He said that it would ease up the filled bellies and help to digest. What he really intended to say was that after one had some of the grilled pineapple, it only takes a few minutes until the red cards show their green face again. For some of us the pineapple did it’s job and we continued eating meat, the others just sipped on their drinks and waited for the cake to be served…


Chamas is definitely a place to go, especially on a Thursday night. The food is great, the service fast and attentive, the venue beautiful and the music invites guests to relax and have a good time. We enjoyed the dinner and the time spent there and we will come back one day for sure. The next time however, we will skip lunch on that day, as pineapple in or out, the amount of food that is served at Chamas is just incredible.

Keep exploring,



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