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Certo, Radisson Dubai

Looking for an Italian highlight – look out for Certo, Radisson in Dubai.
After an after work excursion to have a look at the Dubai Dollar Sand Exhibition hosted by Media One Hotel in Media City, we felt hungry.
Looking for a pizza, pasta or risotto, we headed next door.
Located in the lobby of Radisson Hotel, you find the entrance to Certo, which has been awarded as the Best Italian cuisine by TimeOut in 2007, and recommended in the following years. Nicely greeted and welcomed with a smile, the young, English hostess took us to the table. The dark purple dress looked very elegant, however the open sandals with glitter stones and the long black finger nails seemed to be more of a party outfit than an appropriate uniform. The hostess however, despite of how she was dressed had a very charming and nice way of leading us through the restaurant and offering the menus, she wished us a nice evening and left. The very next second, our waitress Ms.Hellen welcomed us and offered us a bottle of water to start with. One followed the other, as the moment she left, another waiter came along with a drinks trolley offering aperitifs. His English was excellent, even though he was obviously not a native speaker and the way he offered the drinks was very professional. “May I offer you an aperitif? Can I mix you something? Would you prefer lime or lemon with your Gin? May I poor the tonic up to the top?…” Normally a bartender or waiter would just prepare the long drink as per the given standard, poor the can and wishes you to enjoy the drink. Not here, not in Certo, here expectations are exceeded. Up to the point when the same waiter calls over his colleague to join him on the other side of the restaurant, sharing and talking about the latest updates on his phone. It does not give the best impression to guests when employees whisper in the restaurant, holding the mobile phone up high and not watching out for guests instead. However, the Chef delighted us again. Fried calamari on rocket salad and assorted mushroom pasta on creme. Fantastico! The food was great, and served within 8 minutes. Exceeding expectations once more, made us forget about the mobile phone chit chat earlier. Ms.Hellen came back to check on us and to see if we enjoyed our meal. She was happy to hear that all was good and thanked us with a nice: “Gracie!”
A nice touch.
The bill for a Gin&Tonic, bottle of San Pellegrino, mushroom pasta and calamari was about 250 AED, which is a bit pricy, but for the quality of service and food especially it was acceptable.

All in all, the evening was great and the food and service was above expectations too.

The Bad: the hostess uniform should be more elegant, at least think about the nail polish (or nail polish remover) and closed shoes. Also using mobile on the floor does not leave a very professional impression behind.

The Good: the food and especially the service were fantastico!







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  • Dear Seb,
    We appreciate the time you took to share your detailed experience at Certo Italian Restaurant with us and highly value your feedback.
    Knowing that our service is recognized by the people we serve, comforts us in our pursuit to deliver consistent and excellent service. At Certo we guarantee the best Italian dining experience not just with a warm smile and excellent food, but with authentic Italian passion for hospitality. This reflects on our associates who are striving to leave you with an opinion full of character, until you feel like sharing it with us.
    We apologize for the unsuitable manners you witnessed from the staff using their mobiles during their service hours. We want to make sure our guests are comfortable and receive the best “Yes I Can!” attitude from us and we will discuss with the team at Certo the rules and regulations of the service hours again.
    We also do understand the importance of personal appearance in hospitality and appreciate your comment about the hostess’ outfit. This matter has already been discussed internally and new regulations have been implemented, as it was the first day of our new hostess at Certo.
    It has been a great pleasure hosting you and we are looking forward to your next visit to at Certo Italian Restaurant.

    Chiara Beghini
    Certo Guest Relations Executive

    April 24, 2013 at 12:40 pm

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