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Celebrities – The One and Only

Good morning Dubai and sunny greetings from The One and Only Royal Mirage, beach bench.

The sun is shining, birds are singing and a light morning breeze from the sea, makes the breakfast unique. The location and design of The Celebrities at The One and Only, is as said unique, modern yet classic and well chosen. The breakfast terrace this morning was not busy and therefore we did not have to wait long for our table outside. Miss Angel, asked us to have a look at the buffet meanwhile, and so we did.
The choice of fruits, cold cuts, cerlials and bakeries was quite average to be honest, not something we did not see somewhere else before, but the fresh yogurt with blue berry sauce on top was delicious, and the mix of sweetness and sour berries was refreshing. Back at our table, we ordered one Americano, one cappuccino, scrambled eggs with chili and Eggs Benedict.

The Americano was served, the eggs arrived but for the next 15 minutes the cappuccino was missing. Looking around, finding the terrace half empty, it was not an issue related to a busy operation or stress, I guess he just forgot or was still sleepy when he took our order, he definitely needed a bit of coffee himself. We followed up and the cappuccino arrived.

A coffee or tea order, is actually a minor thing, but how you start your day in the morning is what keeps you up and running later. Therefore if you ask for coffee or tea, and the order falls under the table, you might wonder what else you should order for breakfast. As a rule of thumb, breakfast still is and will always be the most important meal of the day.

As said, the cappuccino finally arrived and was served with a smile, by the young, blond gentlemen from France – the rest of the breakfast was just fine.

The overall experience was a good one and from time to time we might as well come back for lunch, when the sun is out and keeps us warm.

The Bad: the restaurant is located on the side which the sun only hits around lunch time. But the light breeze in the morning kept us awake, instead of the coffee.

The Good: service is very humble and everyone who we have met so far is friendly and very polite.

Have a wonderful sunny day everyone,











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