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Happy weekend to all of you. We hope you had a successful week and had time to discover as many new places as we did. We came across some highlights in the past few days, but unfortunately also faced some pitfalls… Carlos, was one of them.

Being tried from a long day at work and not willing to continue working in the kitchen, we decided to order in – again. We must admit that we order in regularly –  those who have followed us long enough, will know that by now – but we always make sure to order in from places, we have never tried before. Carlos,  was one of those places we were curious about.

It was 7pm when we called them up to place our order. The gentleman on the phone greeted us friendly, wished us a good evening took our order, followed by our details. He repeated the order and confirmed our address twice before informing us that it could take up to 45 minutes for our order to arrive. As 45 minutes, lately is a standard estimation of delivery time and as 9/10 restaurants we call tell us the same, we did not mind waiting that long and hoped for the best.

45 minutes later, we accepted the fact that Carlos was not one of those restaurants who go the extra mile (extra fast) to surprise customers by delivering orders rather sooner than later. Another 5 minutes later, we wondered where the food would be and glanced out of the window, looking down on Sheik Zayed Road to see if our dinner got stuck in traffic somewhere. The road was empty – as empty as Sheik Zayed Road could be on a Tuesday night.


Another 5 minutes passed and we decided to call up the restaurant to follow up on our order. The gentleman who previously took our order, was also the one who attended the call and when we asked where the food was. He ensured that our dinner was on the way and should be there in no time. He apologized for the inconvenience and wished us a good evening. Well, nothing really we could have done about it, and so we kept being patient and waited. We waited for another 15 minutes until our mobile rang. The delivery man called us to double check our location, and mentioned that he was slightly confused, as the lady who opened the apartment door said she never ordered anything from the restaurant which sent him off with our food. He had knocked on the wrong door. However, it was not only the wrong door he knocked on, it was also a wrong building, in a wrong cluster.  What a great disappointment, as the driver was another 15 minutes away from us, wondering where to deliver the food to and we wondered why no one called us earlier and how it could be that the information passed on to him was wrong.


It is all about communication, listening skills and customer service. While waiting for the driver to find our house, we decided to call up Carlos one more time and clarify the issue. This time a lady picked up the phone. She greeted us friendly, welcomed us to Carlos and asked what we wanted to order. When we informed her about the incident and asked her to speak to her colleague, she paused for a moment and then informed us that her colleague was not around anymore. She apologized for the inconvenience, said that she hopes that the food will be there soon, wished us a good evening and hung up the phone, before we could even answer.

Effective communication? Complaint handling? Customer service? Good food? – Unfortunately non of these boxes where ticked off this time. 1,5 hours after we placed the order, our food finally arrived. When we had a closer look at the receipt, we saw that the apartment number was right, everything else was wrong.


The driver apologized a million times – he was the only one who actually meant it – even though it was not his fault, took our money and left. Was it worth waiting? No. The quality and taste of the food was below average. The ravioli sauce was cold and tasteless and the steak tasted like a piece of wood.


All in all we were really disappointed about the experience with Carlos and decided not to order from them again. If it would have been the delivery time only we could have closed our eyes on that matter the next time and reset our memory, but it was the total experience that lead us to this decision.

Sorry Carlos, good luck for the future.


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