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Café Le Flair, Dubai

Good day to all of you. We hope you had a great week so far and managed to experience just as many positive and exciting new things as we did. One of our discoveries is the small Café Le Flair, in Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai.

Initially on the search for a new breakfast venue, we wanted to find a cosy, petite place with a lot of ambience and great food. Breakfast is and always will be the most important meal of the day, especially when you have the time to enjoy every minute of it.

We made use of the Foursquare App again, and found that the little Café is just around the corner in Cluster G. We got dressed, rushed out and took a quick tour around the Lakes. Considering the free parking right in front of the Café we did not have any difficulties of finding a good spot to leave the car at for a while.

The first thing we noticed about Café Le Flair when we got out of the car was the outdoor seating area with huge ”Meinl Café” umbrellas. For those of you who do not know what I am referring to, please have a look at the picture below.

Meinl Café is one of the eldest, most delicate and traditional coffee brands from Vienna, Austria. It is the coffee, us Austrians grown up with and get used to. It is the coffee we compare to other brands  for the rest of our lives. It was just great to see this in Dubai, and you can imagine of how our excitement rose.

The Café itself is super small. It offers space for about 20 people and has a huge display with fresh bread and German pastries and a massive old – school coffee machine in the middle – wonderful. Just as one would imagine the traditional bakery in Europe. We were fascinated by the carefully chosen décor, the variety of German delicacies and the overall ambiance.

The Café was empty; the only two individuals there were two Pilipino employees behind the counter. Both of them looked super friendly and excited when they saw us coming in. They were hungry for new guests and we were hungry in general – what a great match.

We had a look at the menu, which was limited when it comes to a full breakfast, and decided to rather get some fresh bread and pastries to enjoy the products at home. When asking about the bread, the young woman was not able to explain the mixture of grains, preparation or ingredients to us. She apologized and called her colleague. Unfortunately he was not able to explain the difference between the usual bread loafs and the ”Urban Bread” to us neither. He referred to a laminated A4 sheet displayed next to the display and read out the ingredients to us. Fair enough, we thought, asked him to pack on the Ubrans and two pieces of Bienenstich (a traditional German type of pastry) in a take away bag and thanked him for his efforts.

Considering that we bought two pieces of pastry and loaf of bread only, we spent quite a lot. On the other hand, quality has it’s price and the quality of Café Le Flair’s products is definitely worth it.

We will come back one day and actually stay at the Café to observe the staff a little bit more, try a variety of products accompanied with a Meinl Café and enjoy the overall ambience of the little Café, that has immense potential to become a hot spot in Dubai.

We would be more than delighted to assist Café Le Flair on their venture and hope to be back in no time.

Have a great day,


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