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Cafe del Mar, Dubai

Hello Dubai.

Do you all agree with me, that there is nothing more relaxing to sit on a sun bed, one foot in the warm sand and a gentle breeze from the Arabian Golf, while listening to the tunes of Cafe del Mar.
We all know, have heard of or even have been, at the original Cafe del Mar in Ibiza or one of the other many locations who hold the same name. However the one located in Meydan Beach Dubai, has nothing to do with the original brand Cafe del Mar as such. It is an exact copy of the same. Being the first one in the Middle East, it was a brilliant idea to implement the concept over here, however for real Cafe del Mar groupies, it is obviously “copy paste”. We arrived there around 22:00 only, and even though it was a Wednesday night, the place was empty. A total of 25 guests were present.
We sat donw at one of the sofas beside the bar and waited 4 minutes for someone to pass by with a menu. We were greeted and given the menu with no further explination. Cosindering, the menu consisted out of two A5 pages only, the choice seemed to be limited at first glance but then besides old classics such as Vodka Gimlet and Gin Tonic, we also discovered new cocktails with Sake and other exotic mixtures. Interesting, but we went according the the motto: “Oldie but Goldie”, and ordered Gin Tonics, with Hendriks and Bombay Saphire. We asked for extra cucumbers and crashed pepper. The waiter took the order and served the same, 8 minutes later. He remembered the drinks but was slightly confused with the pepper topping. He offered a pepper dispenser – one would find on a dining table – as he could not figure out we actually asked for a pepper mile. He smiled in a shy way, apologized and returned with the right utensil within a minute. Besides the drinks, we ordered a cigar, as shisha was not available. Also the cigar was not available at the bar, only in the restaurant next door. The waiter, however said:”If you wish to have the Romeo and Juliette, it would be my pleasure to get it for you from the restaurant. Allow me 5 minutes please.”, and he left. Within minutes, he was back, offered to cut the cigar and lit it with one of the matches, taken out of a golden match box. Decadent but excellent service. Wow!
Drinks were refreshing, the cigar was fresh and the even when ordering the second, and last, round of drinks all went well. Relaxing with friends, accompanied by grooves from Cafe del Mar, is what we were looking for. Relaxation is what we found, until the point of time where the bouncer appeared. “Its just before midnight, time to drink up and go!”, he said in a very strict way, turned around and said the same to the neighboring table.
4 minutes later, by that time it was 00:02, the bouncer returned and said:”Ok. Time to go. Drink up now!”, again in a very rude way. Fully understandable that the opening and closing hours of a restaurant or bar are not randomly made up or announced for a reason, however, if you have guests around who are just about to the take the last sip, let them “drink up” in peace. It has not only happened in Cafe del Mar, but many other places across Dubai, where you can have the best time of tour life, until a bouncer – most probably has been told by the management to be very strict and look damn serious – can spoil the whole experience within seconds. Despite opening and closing hours, rules and regulations or laws, there is always a nice and polite way to say things. “We are about the close now, would you mind to finish your cocktails? … I hope you had a good night!”, are just some suggestions from my side, for those bar and restaurant mangers who follow my blog, and identify themselves reading this post.
The overall experience would have been just perfect, if the bouncer had a bit more of the Cafe del Mar feeling inside himself, while still taking his job serious and watching the time.
The prices are set quite high, but then again, sometimes one pays for the location only, and in this case, prices were absolutely reasonable.
Would we come back? Yes, for sun downers and if they start offering shisha, of course! It its a stunning place decorated in an elegant and modern design, located next to the Hilton JBR, Meydan Beach at Jumeirah Beach Residences, in the heart of Dubai.
A cool place with a lot of potential!

Any plans for the weekend yet – if not yet, give it a try!


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