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Byblos Sur Mer – fantastic lunch

Looking for a breath taking lunch overlooking the sea, feeling a cold breeze and smelling fresh, grilled fish?

SEB was there, Byblos Sur Mer Hotel in Byblos has a stunning small seafood restaurant located on the cliffs, overlooking the sea!

You enter the restaurant and can choose your fish before you even set down! The gentlemen at the entrance, probably the manager, greets you with a big smile and open arms – like two long lost friends meet up after years!

The waiter takes you to your table, accompanied by short and nice small talk, introducing the restaurant’s concept and recommending what to choose!

The service us quick and very friendly, attentive!

It does not take long until starters such as Fattoush-salad, and fried Calamari are served followed by a giant, freshly grilled local fish!

See the pictures attached and you know what I mean by mouthwatering food and stunning views!

The waiter fillets the fish in front of you, serves and pores a bit more of ‘Araq’ and leaves the table wishing us ‘Bonne Appetite’.

‘Araq’ is a local beverage specialty, containing 70% of alcohol. It is mixed with water and served in shot glasses filled with ice – mixed with water Araq turns into a white color – reminds of Uso, in Greece and goes very well with the herbs and spices used when grilling the fish.

The waiters keep checking on you and you see them wondering around, but never disturb you – has a bit of silent service!

Once you have arrived in Byblos, the place is easy to find! Keep going down the main road towards the sea, the restaurant is on the left side of the marina! Vallet parking available!

The Bad: the food is so tasty that you might end up eating too much

The Good: the pictures say it all!

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