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Buddha Bar – Grosvenor House

A very good morning to all of you today. Just before the weekend we thought to share our latest experience with you.

Everyone has been there and done that? Really everyone? We have been to Buddha Bar many times to meet friends for pre – or after dinner drinks, but we actually never stayed there for dinner. Last Thursday we decided to finally go for it and try out the full Buddha Bar experience, from pre – bar drinks, starters, mains up to the unique fire show. 

Located in the heart of the well – known Grosvenor House, the Buddha Bar is easy to be accessed by taxi. Personally I would not recommend to go there by car for two reasons – first, if you plan to consume alcoholic beverages, you are not supposed to drive anyways, and second – the time you spend waiting for your car when leaving again can take up to 15 minutes. Taking a taxi, especially on a Thursday night is by far the easiest and most convenient way.


Up on arrival, we were greeted friendly by the well – built bouncer at the door, who opened the door for us and wished us a nice evening ahead. Walking through the rather dark, but stylish decorated entrance of the bar, we could already hear and feel the crowed standing at the bar and around the communal tables, having a good time and enjoying the DJ’s vibes. Luckily we made a reservation for dinner, otherwise it would have been quite difficult to find a table for two on this night. 

Considering the number of guests present that night, we assumed it would be hard to catch a nice spot at the bar, before going for dinner, but we were proven wrong. Not even a minute after we reached the counter, Leo, the gentleman behind the bar, established eye contact with us, welcomed us to ‘his’ bar with a big smile and asked if we wanted to have a look in the menu or to order straight away. Another minute passed and our drinks were served. This is what we call ‘up to speed and standard’.


While sipping on our long drinks, Ms, Isabella, the new assistant manager passed by to personally welcome us as well. She recently joined the team and told us that she felt ‘home’ right away. Observing her, we found her to be very talented at multitasking. She talked to us, listened to the little headset in her ear (this is how they communicate internally at Grosvenor House, in order to improve the time of delivery and therefore ultimately the guests’ experience) and observed what was going on around us at all the same time. We have known her for quite a while now, and once again were highly convinced that people like Isabella, who are passionate about their role of serving others and creating quality time for guests are the true hoteliers in this region. 

Isabella excused herself, after a colleague asked for her assistance over the headset and promised to return, to personally assist us in finding our table later on. And she did. We asked Leo to transfer our drinks to the dinner bill, and left the bar. 

Our table was right in the center of the dining area, where we had the best view and could observe the bar, the DJ and be part of the entire happening that night, while remaining fairly private and enjoying a romantic meal with our other half. It was just perfect, and before we even started to order food, we decided that it was definitely the right decision to try out Buddha Bar for dinner this time.


Once we took a seat, Ranjit, was so kind to put the napkin over our lap and offer us water to start with, while browsing through the menu. His approach and attitude were delightful without any exaggeration. He came back to serve our water, and took our order. We ordered duck salad and spring rolls as our starters and California Maki and sea bass as our mains. 


The speed of service, just like at the bar, was amazing. Considering how busy the employees must have been on that night, none of them was rushing around or looked stressed at all. It just felt like that all of them had fun being busy and loved their job. The food was amazing – just as expected. The salad as well as the spring rolls had a very interesting and unique touch, as they were served with special dressings and sauces, that one would not find at other Asian restaurants. The mains, especially the Maki were just as good. 


All of you know by now that we never acquired the actual skills of a chef, and therefore can only share our food experience based on our own preferences and tastes, but based on the taste, the quality and presentation of the food that night, we can truly say that it exceeded all our expectations. 


The service, the food and the DJ vibes made the night at Buddha Bar simply amazing and resulted in a wonderful start of the weekend. If we could, we would go back to Buddha Bar on a weekly basis, but there are just too many other places, which we still have to discover in Dubai – the city that never sleeps.

Have a great weekend everyone,



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