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Bon Appetitoooo – El Fresco, Crown Plaza Dubai

El Fresco is a very cozy , small, lovely decorated restaurant, serving Italian cuisine!
The place itself as said, does not make you feel like you are sitting in one of Crown Plaza’s outlets! It feels like a romantic city escape!

The food to keep it very short looks fantastic- if it would only taste fantastic as well…

Food presentation lovely done, and also the menu creates the want of tasting it all, however, there is no taste!

Looks like the Chefs still think Salt n’ Pepper is a rock band only!

But the poor quality of food is less of an issue when you rate the service!

The waitress was super friendly, greeting us in such a welcoming way, that you already felt comfortable and wanted to stay for the entire night!
She sat us down, handed over the menus and recommended on spot, in a rather professional less pushy way! She seemed to enjoy recommending us drinks and food, and enjoyed making us feel comfortable!

Drinks were served in less than two minutes, even though the place was busy!
Starters to share as well as main courses were served in a quite comfortable pace!

But the one thing which is stuck on my mind is the moment when she asked if I wanted pepper on my noodles – she must have figured out the chefs forgot spices when preparing our food – and came with this huge pepper mill! It was most probably bigger then the waitress herself and I thought, how
could she possibly lift it up, but she did and she did with a smile!

The Bad: the food was honestly tasteless

But we are here to rate the service, and this was just Good: would definitely come back to enjoy a lovely evening, being greeted, served and entertained by this passionate and lovely lady!

xoxo SEB




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  • Brotherwherearethou?

    massive pepper mille

    October 25, 2012 at 1:39 pm

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