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Blue Sapphire

A must “order” for anyone who is looking for a nice chat over the phone and food to be delivered to your door step. We tried it out and ordered from Blue Sapphire for the first time. As usual when it comes to deliveries we found our inspiration from the Zomato website, and found this until now rarely discovered Chinese delivery – Blue Sapphire.

We did not have a menu at hand as we were still on the road while ordering and called them up by luck. The gentlemen on the phone greeted us friendly and wished us a good evening before he asked what we would like to order. We told him that we were driving and needed his advise for the order. He than asked for our name first, our contact details and said: “Ms. Sofie, what is it that you had in mind of ordering today, if I knew your preferences i would be delighted to recommend you something from our menu.” His name was John, and John was from India. His English was perfect and free of any accent and one could feel that he enjoyed his job and had pleasure helping others to decide what would end up on their dinner table later on. 


The food arrived only 40 minutes after we hang up, which was reasonable for a Saturday night. The taste, as expected was just as great as the service over the phone. It is very rare that we come across people in Dubai who actually listen to you while placing and order, or someone who gets your details like name and number right the very first time. We were really impressed by Mr. John and Blue Sapphire.

Well, we did not expect such a great experience when placing an order for delivery and this is why we are so delighted to share reviews like these especially, and many more of them in future. 

Keep exploring,


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