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Big Ben Pasty & Co

Sometimes it is the small pastry or sandwich shops we tend to grab a bite to eat from and do not pay a lot of attention to service. It is simple, in the best case scenario you are greeted friendly with a smile, asked how you are and what you would like to eat or drink. The worst case scenario would be a short “Hi Mam/Sir,yes?”. As the overall interaction including the time of making up your mind which sandwich or scone you want, and the time to prepare and pay for it takes less than 5 minutes. Many people do not expect a lot from those small business located in the street or in food courts.
Today we discovered a nee one of this kind “Big Ben Pasty & Co”. I was attracted by the massive signage above the food booth, as the actual size of the shop was 2 square meters only, the signage 4 meters long with light pink lights surrounded. The shop itself reminded me of the small coffee to go stands one can find at any train station across the United Kingdom. The display was filled with pastries and authentic English snacks, one would find overseas too. Both men working there welcomed me with a big smile and greeted friendly. I actually just passed by to check out the shop and did not have the intention to buy anything, until one of them said “How are you today? did you have breakfast already? if not you can try our snacks. All our pastries are freshly made, they are still warm as we just took them out of the oven behind me”, he added and pointed at the small oven, where some pies still remained inside to be backed to perfection. His explanation and his passion about the “freshness” of his products made me curious and I actually ended up buying one cheese roll just to give it a try. He convinced me and the taste of the fresh snack was a delight. I asked them to take a picture of both, as besides the great snack, their friendliness and smile at the end was the USP of the small shop on the corner selling English pastries. Definitely worth a review and definitely worth passing by again!
Thank you for making our morning so tasty!


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