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Bice Mare, Souk Al Bahar Dubai

Good morning, Dubai! How are you today? “Hungry anyone? Call …”, we all know this advertisement played at Virgin Radio all day long, don’t we. “Hungry anyone? Check out our reviews” – is what we say instead. When was the last time you made the effort of going out in Down Town Dubai for a lovely meal overlooking the fountain? For us it had definitely been too long, therefore we decided to book a table at Bice Mare, in Souk Al Bahar.

Bice Mare is not only the What’s On Magazine’s Award in Best Seafood Restaurant category 3 years in a row, BICE Mare offers an award winning & contemporary fine dining experience & serves Italian & seafood inspired cuisine in the heart of downtown Dubai with its jam-packed terrace overlooking the iconic Burj Khalifah & grand fountain show. It is a great venue to invite family and friends to, who have come to Dubai to enjoy the great weather and bit of sightseeing at the same time. We usually book the Arabic restaurant next door (Abdel Wahab) when we host our guests next to the fountain, but thought it would be nice to try out something else for a change. From the reservation up until the farewell, Bice Mare did not only treat us well, but left a great taste behind. So much so, that for us it is worthwhile writing a review about them. We booked a table for 10 outside on the terrace and were lucky to find some space, due to our inquire a week in advance.

The confirmation via email arrived only minutes after our initial call, and this speed and quality of service drew itself throughout our entire service experience. We enjoyed some welcome drinks at the classy bar and waited for everyone to join in, before heading out to the terrace. The long drinks and cocktails were freshly prepared, served over the counter within minutes and tasted great.

The table of 10 had been prepared by the service staff in advance; the kids sat on one side of the table, the adults on the other side. Everyone was able to enjoy the great view and the ambiance filled with loud music and the fountain’s water splashing in our faces throughout the meal. Well, it was not literally a lot of water, more a couple of sprinkles blown into our direction by the cool winds of Dubai; we think you get the idea.

Needless to say that the food matched the level of service perfectly; the tuna tartar with avocado, fried calamari, salmon Carpaccio and scallops were followed by a medium – rare Wagyu beef tenderloin, lobster Tortellini, sea food pizza, various types of pasta and countless variations of sweets. As we were out with the family, and hosted 8 people who had never been in Dubai before, we were too busy chit chatting about the events of the last year, that we forgot to take some pictures this time – we do apologize in advance. Go and check out their official website, and see for yourself.

Tasting the food and experiencing the amazing friendly and attentive service, we were not surprised about the restaurant’s great success over the last years. The previously mentioned points, plus the amazing view were the highlights of the evening. The price however, was a bit of a downer. We paid just a little over 5,000 AED for the 10 of us, keeping in mind that the 4 youngsters did not have any starters or desserts.

Nevertheless, Bice Mare in a great restaurant to dine at, it offers superb food and super attentive and personalized service.

Have a great day, SE

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